How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without a Website 2021

There are numerous ways to develop affiliate products, but if you gather advice from some of your friends. They are likely to recommend you to set up a website. However, it is appropriate for you to note that you do not require a website to be an effective affiliate marketer.

7 Ways to Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Therefore, this article will guide you step by step through several ways to enable you to come up with your chief affiliate commission with no website. In case you are worried about how you can do these worry no more and stay informed through this article.

  • What is Affiliate Marketing, and how does it work?

    Affiliate marketing is a procedure through which an affiliate marketer makes a commission by marketing another company’s or person’s product. As an affiliate, you should look for a product you find interest in, and then you can confidently promote it and earn some profit from every sale you are likely to make.

What is affiliate marketing, and how does it work?

Since you now have a clear understanding that affiliate marketing functions by responsibilities spreading of marketing product as well as the creation through parties. It succeeds in making equal the potential of numerous individuals for an extra effective strategy for marketing while generating contributors with a profit share. However, to make this work successful, you must involve three different parties, primarily:

The consumer

Note that whether the consumer is aware or not, they are the key drivers of marketing affiliates since the affiliates usually make sure that they share products with consumers on websites, blogs, and social media. So, when consumers purchase these products, the affiliate and the seller can share the profit.

On the other hand, the affiliate will seem to be straightforward with the consumer by making a deal of receiving a commission on sales they are likely to make. However, they do not pay as much for products purchased by affiliate marketing. So for the affiliate marketer to work effectively, you have to involve the consumer.

Advertiser or affiliate

Also referred to as publishers, the affiliate can be a company or an individual responsible for marketing the products of a seller in a way that is more appealing to primarily the potential consumers. In case the consumer ends up purchasing the product, the affiliate will get a portion of the made revenue.

Note that affiliates have their target audience, and they ensure they meet their interest. This helps in the generation of a defined niche. This is to enable the affiliates to attract and capture the consumers to act on the entire promotion.

Product creators and seller

The product creator, whether a large enterprise or a solo entrepreneur, is a seller, retailer, a merchant, or a vendor with items for marketing. These products can probably be objects that are physical, such as goods for household or a service like tutorials for makeup.

However, the seller does not necessarily need to be involved actively in marketing; instead, they can also be advertised and earn profit from sharing of revenue in association with affiliate marketing.

7 Ways to Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

7 Ways to Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

1. Promote through Social Media

In case you have built your appropriate following on social media, you should utilize your entire influence by indulging in product promotion or even services of relevance to your audience or fans. It can either be on Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, with this, you can successfully make your capital from links of affiliate without requiring a website.

Therefore, social media is a platform that is outstanding for affiliate offer promotion. Over the previous years, Instagram has greatly advanced in growth, and video-based new platforms, such as Tik Tok, are likely to become popular with a 5G rollout technology and maximized speeds of the internet worldwide.

So, if you need to advance as an affiliate marketer with absolutely no website, then Instagram is an ideal platform for affiliate offer promotion. Most marketers on Instagram are often among the top five always make a crazy rate of engagement when they make the affiliate offer promotion to their target audience.

You need to note that Instagram does not enable you to add links that are clickable to your posts directly; hence you will require directing your target audience to your bio. On the other hand, you will need to develop you’re following as well as concentrate on post creation to get many shares, likes, and comments. This is to enable your affiliate business to grow. After ensuring you have created a substantial following, you can confidently commence affiliate offers promotion.

2: YouTube videos can help.

This is the 2nd largest engine search in the entire world and an appropriate place to earn a lot of affiliate commission without even daring to use the website. Therefore, to be a successful affiliate marketer, especially on YouTube, you need to have excellent content. Furthermore, you require learning using keywords for expansion of your videos exposure and enhancing a loyal subscriber audience base.

You can also choose to promote your offers of the affiliate on YouTube by sending traffic straightway to affiliate programs. This generates a giveaway from free or minimal-priced products since it is not likely to receive any complaints from individuals watching your entire videos. On the other hand, you can also opt to sign up for a partnership program on YouTube.

This will enable you to make ads on your entire YouTube videos and also allow you to earn your revenue from advertising. The only complication with this method is that your mercy is with the YouTube moderators. So, if you have a flagged channel for any given reason, you are likely to lose your account as well as your affiliate income. However, this rarely occurs; this means you should always come up with quality content.

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3: Try Email Campaigns

Despite the older origins, there is nothing that can outdo email marketing since it is still a useful source of marketing affiliate for income. Moreover, most affiliates have a list of emails that they can use to develop the sellers. On the other hand, some affiliates can leverage newsletter emails that entail products to hyperlinks. Hence, they can get a commission after the consumer purchases the product. As an affiliate, you can also choose to create a list of emails over time. You can use your campaigns to gather these emails and then send emails concerning the items or products you are promoting.

Therefore, you need to note that email marketing is an appropriate affiliate marketing product, whether you are using a website or not. You should only make sure that you create an email list of your subscribers interested in getting your emails.

In case you succeed in your campaigns of email, you will require being an expert in copywriting of emails. This is to add valuable information necessary to win your recipient. Therefore, you can try out this method and yield the best results you have never imagined of in your entire work of affiliate marketing.

4: Create an E-book

This strategy of affiliate marketing is very straightforward. It is appropriate that you design an e-book on a topic that is hot, and most people find their interest in it; after that, you can add your link of the affiliate to the content. In case anyone clicks on your link of affiliate while going through the E-book and buy the product, it guarantees you get a commission.

This might sound easy in theory, but you will require doing research that is of more detail to come up with a subject that most people want to get educated about and spend quality time in making a perfect E-book. Thus, you can opt to use the trends of Google to guide you in getting an extra hot topic. Search on what is currently trending to settle on the best that most people love. Note that creating an E-book is not as easy as you would have thought since it has a load of work but works perfectly well for affiliate marketers.

5: Forums

If you have come across Quora, you should examine it out since this is a suitable place where you can inquire and have answers from anyone across the world. There is also a typical Reddit with numerous communities that you can comfortably follow and engage perfectly well with many people all over the world. Thus, when you come across these platforms or sites that allow an engagement that is active directly with many people from the entire globe.

You should commence using your skills for marketing and indicate your affiliate link too. Therefore, you can opt for this method as an affiliate marketer.

6: Classified Websites

This is similar to the forums method. So, instead of making your post to forums online, t is essential that you add your links of the affiliate to classified websites. The primary website for achieving this is Craigslist, with numerous people taking their time to post ads on pages of the city in the entire world. Thus, you can promote your link to an affiliate by posting a product review, advertisement, and amazing posts to classified categories of ads that are appropriate.

This method will earn your affiliate commission; however, it needs much commitment to posting many times each day across several websites. Apart from this method consuming your time, policy changes on the classified website can also mess you up by banning affiliate links hence not being able to promote the offers of an affiliate.

7: Mobile marketing

You can achieve this effectively by having mobile numbers of your interested customers in your product then you can send them your affiliate link through SMSing. Statistics from Marketo have it that MMS and SMS are very remarkable channels for mobile marketing.

It is appropriate for you to know that beyond 3.6 billion people can at least afford to receive SMS messages, and 90% of these SMS are read within approximately three minutes. However, while practicing mobile marketing, you should maintain privacy regulations. Once this is amazingly covered, you are good to use mobile marketing pretty well.

3 Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money 2020

Whether you use marketing of affiliate as an optional B income through your entire blog or it is the primary source of your income, nothing is exciting and vital, like selecting the appropriate affiliate program. Therefore, there are three primary best affiliate programs you should not miss out as a travel blogger since you need to earn capital all the time, and these programs make your work easier. These are:

1: Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program 2020

This product can enable you to earn a commission as a niche blogger on several products. It is appropriate to use an affiliate link on products, such as travel kits, tents, gadgets, and clothing, among many more products. The exciting part of the Amazon affiliate program is that you get a commission on any given products the consumer purchases through your favorite links.

Therefore any affiliate program list that is niche-based tends to be incomplete if it does not have Amazon. Bear in mind that Amazon has a remarkable reputation online; hence you end up shopping by making your orders on Amazon.

On this note, the travel Amazon affiliate blogs probably prove a maximum conversion rate. In case you own a product-based travel blog. Then the ideal choice for you is the Amazon affiliate program. However, you should make sure that your target country has a perfect online purchasing energy.

Note that Amazon the leading program for the affiliate in the world when it comes to online marketing. Thus you can select any of your potential products that relate closely to the travel niche, then promote it and make a massive amount of capital. On the other hand, the commission rates on the Amazon affiliate campaign vary for several categories.


  • Promotional materials and free sign-up
  • Country-wise programs of affiliate
  • Have numerous products to promote on marketing
  • Contains trustworthy referral products
  • It has a payout of 60 days.
  • This program guarantees you commission for any given purchased product through your given links.
  • It has maximum-conversion rates.
  • This program is user friendly.
  • It has minimal commission rates.

2: ShareASale affiliate program

ShareASale Affiliate Program

The ShareASale affiliate program has been in the market for beyond 20 years; it generates advanced marketing affiliate programs to committed online marketers. Most impressive, you can find a useful program of affiliate for any niche. Furthermore, as a blogger, you can come across popular travel merchants, airlines, hotels, and services, such as Qatar Airways, CityPass, Viator, and Agoda. It works effectively with best-industry products that maximally accepted by most customers.

This program is effective and efficient; hence, it takes pride in generating international opportunities for bloggers, marketers, and domestic advertisers. Note that signing-up to emerge ShareASale is free. Therefore, you must choose products that are profitable for promotion so that you earn capital via direct deposit banking against each confirmed purchase.


  • Most trusted services as well as products
  • Availability of top affiliate travel merchants
  • Renders international affiliate opportunities
  • It is an affiliate program that is free to join.
  • This program guarantees you a payment mode of direct banking deposit.
  • It is the leading and trusted partner of affiliate marketing.
  • It has a big collection of services, products, and merchants of any given niche.
  • It does not have a PayPal payout.

3: CJ Affiliates

CJ Affiliates Marking Program

This is an old program initiated in 1998. Moreover, it is the best network of affiliates, so make sure that you get signed up for it. Its process of application is not as complicated as you might have thought before since it is straightforward. On the other hand, it is responsible for promoting more prominent brands.


  • User friendly
  • Promotes big brands
  • Ease to use
  • It is not difficult to sign up.
  • This program is responsible for promoting more significant programs.
  • It is easy to use.
  • This program is free to join


  • It earns you a lower income.


Based on the following review, you are now familiar with How to start affiliate marketing without a website 2020. Therefore, you should opt for the best that can serve you effectively. I hope that this article will keep you informed. Cheers.

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