32 Best Money Making Apps for Android Users

Do you know that you can convert your android phone to a money-making machine? There are different ways of doing that they include using the phone to sell things and secondly, you can download money-making using your smartphone. You can use the two methods to make money from the internet.

Best Money Making Apps for Android Users

It only requires dedication and that means that you must do away with those times you normally use for social media, gaming, browsing as well as streaming. You can convert those precious time to money-making time. The sky is limit to the quantity of money you can make using your smartphone device.

These apps are not going to turn you millionaire over time and there is no single app that is going to make you rich. If you utilize your time very well and engage in different ventures, then you can earn a substantial amount of money from these apps.

If you are currently unemployed or underemployed and you are looking for small business ideas that can be trickling income for you, then you can consider these ideas discussed below. You can do them using your smartphone android device. You are sure of passive income if you try most of the ideas listed below.

32 Best Money Making Apps for Android Users

32 Best Money Making Apps for Android Users

Are you an android user and looking for the best ways of making money with your android phone? You have come to the right place, we are going to share here, the best money making ideas and strategies using your android smartphone. Keep reading to discover more of these ideas. You do not need to implement all these ideas at once but you can do a few of them you think that you can do very well.



eBay is not new and people using this platform. These days you can make money from eBay with your smartphone. eBay is about and you can use your smartphone connect to the internet and list your products for sale. People looking for the kind of product you list for sale can buy from you and pay you. You can earn extra money through that system. When buyers order from you, you must ship to them. Until it is shipped, the transaction is not complete.

If you cannot ship internationally, it is better that you start from those that you can do locally. All you need to start using this app is to download them from the internet and it is available at the Play Store. You can download and begin to use this app right away.



This is another money-making opportunity in which you can start with your smartphone. You can also download the android app through the play store. If you like, you can download them from the official website of the app creators. This is a rebate app. When you buy from grocery or approved stores, you are going.

The importance of this app is that it makes it easier for you to cash out your rewards. If you pick the thing you want to buy and you pay for the item. After verifying your purchases, you would earn money through the app to your PayPal account. You can also receive Venmo money or you get a gift card instead. The fact is that you would get a reward and the money varies.



This is another platform you can earn money through your android phone. These are great for creators such as artists, tinkers as well as creators of all kinds of things. Many people like crafts and arts. If you have any of them, then this website is good for you because you can sell various craft products through the platform. In the same way, you can buy the products and resell them at a later time. The truth with this app is that it makes it easy for you to buy and sell any of these products and you can make money in the process without stepping out of your house.

This app makes it easy to make your order and make the order processing simple as well as making your listings. Furthermore, you can discuss in real-time with the potential buyers and so on. All these are possible through the app and it can happen because of your android app.


Square Point for Sale

This is another free app that you can download from the website or you download them from the Play store. The importance of this app is that it makes it easier for you to accept credit card payment and you can do business with different people. You can sell anything you want and you can make a purchase as well.

the most important thing is that payment processing. Although the app is not there to make you money, you can use it to process your payment and generate your income. The major problem with an internet business is processing payment. This will be a thing of the past if you use this app.



One of the survey sites you can register with and begin to earn money in your smart device is the Surveys on the Go. When you get this app, you are going to benefit because in the form of cash. This makes it different from other survey sites that pay you only points but this one pays you cash at the end of the survey. You do not need to go anywhere and you can do that in your home right with your smartphone.


Lyft or Uber

The service industry is about the transportation business. You can use your mobile to reach out and you need to download the app. You can use this platform to hire real people. In the same way, if you are providing this transportation service, others can contact you through that app. There are different driving purposes including those who drive for the food delivery purpose. Several of these services that rely on the mobile device to work is now booming. These make money and you can check the sites to begin to use them to earn money using your android smartphone.



There are two plans available here and it includes the free package and the premium package. The premium package can cost $12.99. There are different niches you can delve into and these can earn you money especially if it is an area people would be very much interested in. If you are creative, then you can benefit from this, but it can be competitive. Many people actually make money through this method. With time, you can make a decent living from that.



This is one of the best because it makes it pretty easier to earn from the system such as cashback, as well as gift cards. When you shop, you are going to make money with the app and there are instances where you can make that money without actually spending. Besides, there are other incentives that make them great and you can get five dollars bonus for using the EGD promo code. It is one of the ways of earning through your android phone.


Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the money-making apps and you can download the system right to your smartphone and begin to earn money. Many people across the world use this app to make money daily and you can too use this to make money by doing surveys and by completing other tasks that are available at the site. You can money with this system right in your home by downloading the app.



There many ways of making money through the internet and one of them is to invest in the stock market. You can do this right in your home and you can do that by download the app. Create your own portfolio and make your own investment. If you are a beginner, this app is all you need to get started and it works well with android devices.

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Google Opinion Rewards

Google also makes it easy to earn money in lots of ways. You can take a survey conducted by Google through Opinion Rewards. All you need to do is to download the app. The amount you receive at the end of the survey varies and it depends on the type of survey. In most cases, the surveys are usually less than one dollar. Most of these surveys are easy to do and it takes less time to complete them.



The app is one of the easiest ways of making money with your smartphone. If you signup for any of their programs they are going to pay you. you can signup for lots of things and you earn a reward and these rewards can be cashed or you use the reward for other things. On signing up for the app, you get ten dollars bonus.


Big Time Cash

This system is there because it makes it easier for you to earn money by playing games. Different prizes and giveaways are extended at the end. You can get tickets for lots of drawings. You can get as many tickets as you and that increases your chance of winning and when you win you are paid through PayPal.



If you are the kind that likes listening to videos, or surfing the web, and doing other things on the internet, you can actually do those things and get paid. You can download this app and begin to earn money.


Lucky Day

If you want to play games that can earn you money, then you can consider downloading this app called lucky day. There are lots of games and other things that can be played and these are associated with the great prizes. It offers you the opportunity to earn money and you can do that without stepping out of your house as you can do it in an android smartphone.



This system was formerly called Ebates. If you are aware of the web platform, the mobile platform is even more interactive. It is a question of downloading the app and earn money. It is a question of shopping in your choice stores and when you make a purchase, you get cashback. It is a great way to earn money.



You can even make money from your ideal time and that is possible through Postmates and you can make money through that process. You only need to deliver goods from shops probably from those around you to the customers who need them or who paid for them. You make your own schedule, deliver, and earn money. You can earn money for signing up.


Inbox Dollars

It is an easy way to earn money right from home. The system is free and it is one of the ways of passing time. You can earn money by reading emails, taking surveys, and other jobs. You can do this by downloading the app.



When you buy a system, you can equally make money from the same time. You can do that by downloading Earny and it tracks your purchases and can pay your back when the price drops.



Dosh is another app meant for android users. You can actually use this to earn money. If you are able to accumulate up to 25 then you are entitled to payment to your bank account. Download the app and shop and make money in the process.



You can reduce the amount you pay as bills and recover some of the money you have paid when you download the app. The system is going to do the negotiation for you and you can reduce your expenses and earn money.



If you download this app to your android phone and register for their services, you can become an instant shopper. This means that you can deliver groceries to the people that need them and earn money in the process.



Betterment is good if you want to make an investment and reap the benefit in the future. You do not need to bother yourself about where to invest your money as the system is going to that for you. Once you deposit, you can set your investment target and the rest would be done for you.



If you want to sell items right from your home, you can rely on this app to sell them and earn cash. All you need to do is to download the app. You can make money out of your items if you download the app.


Make money

You download this app and begin to make money in your spare time right in your home. All you do is download the app right away. There are other things you can do with this to make and they include watch videos, games and so on.



It is possible to turn $5 to $100 and so on. Download this app as it does that for you if you use it. It is good for investment and you can also use it to budget and so on.



This is an app that makes it easy to sell anything on the internet. If there is the stuff that you do not use, or that you have never used, you can sell them to earn money. This app makes that possible.


Receipt Hog

You can earn money by storing your receipts and taking pictures of them. It can be different kinds of receipts and receipt hog can convert them to money for you.



If you are looking for another way of earning money locally then you can simply download OfferUP. You can sell your old stuff without resorting to posting classified ads. Download this app.


Money App

This has various ways of making money when you are not busy. It offers different ways of making money and you can cash the real money through PayPal.



You can share your opinions on anything through that platform. You can download the app and you can take surveys and do other tasks to earn money.



If you can provide dog services, then you can download this to your app and offer some services to pet owners. You can earn plenty of money through this platform.


You can now earn money right in your home using your android smartphone. There are hundreds of ways of doing that. The list above is just some of them.

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