10 Best Programming language to Learn First 2021

10 Best Programming language to Learn First 2020

Learning computer programming has become a vital skill in today’s world. Nowadays, computers are available almost in every industry, from autopiloting in aircraft to speedometers in bikes; this means we are surrounded by computers in various forms. Since the computer has become a vital tool in today’s world, programming, as well as developer communities, are growing at an incredible rate than ever before.

Various new programming languages are designed in order to suit a particular developer. As the world technology is growing at a faster rate, understanding programming language is vital; therefore, in this article, we shall be focusing on the top 10 best programming languages to learn in 2020.

What is The Best Programming Language for beginners 2020

1. Python Programming Certification Course

It is without a doubt that Python tops our list; this is because it is widely recognized as the best programming language worth learning. It is not only fast but also relatively easy to use as well as an easy to deploy programming language. Python has been used in developing scalable web apps, including Pinterest, YouTube, SurveyMonkey, and Instagram, among others.

In addition to that, Python programming language offers incredible library support, and it features an incredibly large developer community. It offers one of the best starting points for newbies. If you are looking for a new job, then you might consider learning more from Python since most startups use this programming language as a primary backend stack. This aids in opening a vast opportunity for developers who deal with full-stack.

2. Java Programming Language

When it comes to top programming languages, Java is by far among the best. This programming language is often preferred by large organizations, and it has been in operation for a decade. Commonly, Java is used in designing enterprise-scale web apps. The Java programming language is considered to be very stable, which makes it favorable among large enterprises. This means that if you are seeking for a development job in a large organization, you should consider learning Java programming language.

Java is often used in creating Android Applications; with billions of smartphones out there, most businesses have an Android Application. Therefore, this creates an excellent opportunity for a Java developer since Google has designed a Java-based Android development framework.

3. C/C++

The C/C++ programming language is considered to be a bread and butter programming. Just about every low-level system like an operating system and file system are designed using C/C++. As an individual who would like being a system-level programmer, then you should consider learning C/C++ programming language.

This programming language is largely used by programmers who are competitive since it is super-fast and highly stable. In addition to that, C/C++ offers Standard Template Library (STL), which is ready to use libraries for several data structures, algorithms, and arithmetic operations. Since it equipped with incredible speed, C/C++ makes a perfect choice for the High-frequency trading community.

4. JavaScript Programming Language

One of the widely used programming languages is JavaScript, and it is considered to be a frontend programming language. Nowadays, most organizations, especially startups, prefer using NodeJS, which uses a JavaScript-based environment. NodeJS allows the developers to use JavaScript to aid in producing dynamic website page content afore sending the page to the web browser of the user.

Therefore, you might consider using JavaScript for a single programming language, including client-side script and server-side. JavaScript is ideal for individuals who are looking for cool tech jobs.

5. Go programming language

Also referred to as Golang, the Go programming language has been designed by Google. This programming language is ideal for supporting multithreading; as a result, it used by several companies that heavily rely on distributed systems. In addition to that, it is widely used by startups in Silicon Valley.

Nonetheless, Go has not yet been adopted by Indians startups and companies. It will be best for you to master Golang if you are interested in joining Silicon Valley-based startups to specialize in the core system.

6. R Programming Language

When it comes to Data Analysis as well as Machine Learning, R programming language is by far the most commonly used. This programming language offers an incredibly excellent framework as well as built-in libraries that aid in developing powerful algorithms for Machine Learning.

Furthermore, R programming language has been used in graphics as well as general statistical computing and has been widely adopted by enterprises. If you wish to join the Analytic team in a large organization, you should consider leaning R programming language.

7. Swift Programming Language

Swift programming language has been used in designing iOS applications. Nowadays, iOS gadgets are becoming popular; for instance, Apple iPhone has a significant market and has given Android a tough competition. If you would like to serve your community, learning the Swift programming language will be best for you

8. PHP Programming language

Despite the fact that PHP is experiencing incredibly stiff competition from its counterparts JavaScript and Python, it remains to be among the most popular programming languages out there. In addition to that, PHP developers are still needed in large numbers in today’s market. If you are interested in becoming a backend developer for old organizations, then learning PHP programming language will be best for you.

9. C# Programming Language

Being a general-purpose programming language, C# is largely used as a backend programming, and it was developed by Microsoft. In addition to that, C# is often used in creating games and building Windows phones application, among other essential uses.

10. MATLAB Programming Language

This is a programming language that is widely used in Image processing and Computer Vision. Furthermore, it is a statistical tool ideal for analysis, and it is used in several in carrying out Data Analysis.


When it comes to startup worlds, both Python and JavaScript are considered the best. This is because most startups use Flask and Django, which are from Python and NodeJS, which is from JavaScript as a backend framework. Moreover, learning JavaScript and Python is relatively easy, and as a result, they are said to be best for newbies in a programming language.
  • PHP and Java, on the other side, are said to be ideal for the corporate world, with most organizations using Codeigniter from PHP and Spring from Java as a web backend framework.
  • MATLAB and R are best for Data Analysis, and if you are into Data Science or Data Analytics, then these two programming languages will be best for you.
  • Golang and C/C++ are the best choices for building low-latency as well as scalable systems

Final verdict

As we conclude, we hope that this article has been of great help as you look for a programming language that best suits you.

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