Best way to learn Web development 2021

There are hundreds of websites being created every single day, which makes it relatively hard to find your way through them. Fortunately, several sites on the internet are ready to teach on how to create a professional website; however, very few will offer useful information and have you on the website developer path.

Best way to learn Web development 2020

For individuals who love learning and would love to learn how to develop a website, then this article will be ideal for you. As a result, in this article, we shall be discussing the Best way to learn web development in 2020.

What is web development?

Before we go through some of the best ways to learn web development, understanding what web development is, is vital. Web development refers to the tasks involved in developing websites for hosting through the internet or intranet. Web development involves web designing, web content development, network security configuration, server-side/client-side scripting, and other vital tasks. Web development is also referred to as website development.

In addition to that, web development can be explained by the coding or programming of website functionality in accordance with the owner’s requirement. It chiefly deals with non-design aspects of designing a website, and it often includes writing markup and coding.

Furthermore, it ranges from creating plain text pages to designing complex web-based applications, social networks, and electronic business applications. The hierarchy of web development is as follows;

  • Client-side coding
  • Server-side coding
  • Database technology

Best Programming Language for Web Development

When it comes to web development, the toughest part is deciding on the best Programming Language to learn. There are several programming languages, and they have widespread uses, each having its complexities as well as idiosyncrasies.

Best language for Web development

Fortunately, as you commence on your journey as a web developer, you will begin discovering the programming language that best suits your needs, including your interest and career goal. In this section, we shall be focusing on some of the best languages for web development.

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is by far the most popular programming language; it has been leading for seven years in a row. In addition to CSS and HTML, JavaScript is highly essential when it comes to web development.

Most of the popular websites, including Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, operate using JavaScript in creating interactive website pages and displaying content to the users dynamically.

2. Swift

For individuals who are interested in apple products and mobile application development, Swift programming language will be best for you. This programming language was first announced in 2014 by Apple, making it relatively new in the world of programming. However, it is highly essential when it comes to developing iOS and macOS apps.

3. Scala

Scala has some similarities with JavaScript; it combines some of the best features from Java, such as Object-Oriented Structure and the lighting fast JVM runtime environment along with a modern twist. With the Scala programming language, you will be able to elevate the quality of your code to resemble mathematics.

Scala programming language allows for concurrent programming, which aids in allowing complex procedures to be executed parallel.

4. Python

This programming language is by far the most user-friendly when compared to others on this list. Most individuals claim that Python’s syntax is intuitive, clear, and most English-like, making it a popular choice for most newbies, just like Java.

Web Design vs. Web Development

By looking at Google Analytics, most businesses are searching for web development companies and Web design companies. These two terms have been virtually interchangeable as most web companies’ alternate ways in which they describe their services. However, the truth is that these terms refer to two different fundamental aspects when it comes to the website building process.

In quintessence, web design is the aesthetic portion of a website and its usability. Usually, web designers operate using several design programs, including Adobe Photoshop, which aids in creating layout as well as other vital visual elements of a website.

On the other hand, web developers tend to take website designs and design a functional website from it. Most web developers use CSS, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript, among other programming languages, to aid in bringing the design files to life.

What is full-stack web development?

Full-stack web development is developing both clients as well as server software. Some individuals have specialized in web designing. In contrast, others have specialized in web development while others have specialized in both, and these individuals are the ones known as full-stack web developers.

Usually, full-stack development, which is a hybrid of both front end and back end development, can apply to web stack, native application stack, and mobile stack as well. This means that specializing in software programs for specific devices.

What Is Back-end Development?

Back-end development consists of a server, application as well as a database. Furthermore, back-end developers aids in building and maintaining technology that power these essential components, which aids in the existence of the user-facing side of a website.

Usually, back-end developers use several programming languages such as Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server in developing servers, applications, and database communications.

Furthermore, as a back-end developer, you will be required to have experience with PHP frameworks such as Symfony, Zend, and CakePHP. In addition to that, experience in version control software such as CVS, SVN, or Git, as well as experience with Linux as a deployment and development system, will be vital as well.

What Is Front-end Development?

On the other hand, Front-end development is a part of user interaction; this includes; colors, fonts, dropdowns, sliders, and menus. It is a combo of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript that are being controlled by the computer’s browser. Front-end developers help in the website’s user-facing code as well as the architecture of the immersive user experiences. For one to execute these objectives, as a front-end developer, you must specialize in CSS, HTML as well s JavaScript programming.

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8 Best Websites to learn Web Development 2020

1. Udacity

Udacity Online learning Web development

Udacity Online learning platform is equipped with some of the best learning programs, including a full-stack web developer. The Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree program’s primary goal is to provide you like a leaner with some of the unique skills necessary for building database-backed APIs as well as web applications.

This program features 4 to 5 projects with each project you design will be an opportunity for you to apply some of the skills you have learned during the lessons and then demonstrate it to some of the potential employers.

2. Edureka

Edureka offers  the best Web Developer courses

Edureka offers some of the best Web Developer courses; here, you will be able to build five website courses starting from basic web development such as HTML elements, styling HTML elements using CSS, using the newly introduced HTML5 features as well as CSS3. These elements will aid in deploying websites on Amazon Simple Storage Service.

In addition to that, you will be able to use the components of Twitter Bootstrap 3, such as Carousel, Fixed Navigation Bar, ScrollSpy, Jumbotron, Accordion, Forms, Thumbnails, Bootstrap tour and Modals among others. Despite being an exceptional online learning platform, Edureka courses are paid for.

3. Udemy

Udemy to learn Web development

Unlike FreeCodeCamp, Udemy is by far the best website when it comes to learning web development; however, it is not for free. This online learning platform covers all the essential topics that are associated with web development. As of now, Udemy has more than 80,000 courses for you to choose from. Most of these courses are paid for; however, there are some which are for free. The chief advantage of using this platform is that these courses are usually discounted heavily.

To access, you will have to go to the Udemy website and chose a course that will best suit your need. Once you locate it, you will key in your credentials and find a suitable instructor for yourself. However, taking Colt Steel’s Web Developer Bootcamp course is often the most recommended course on this website. This is because it covers the vital fundamentals that you will require to master whenever you want when learning web development as a newbie.

4. Coursera


Coursera is among the leading online learning platform, just like Udemy. The best part is that all the courses are for free, unlike Udemy. However, payment will be required when it comes to grading your assignment. Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng founded this website. Who are professors at Stanford? Coursera works incredibly well with top educational institutions across the globe who offers more than 1000 courses to Coursera.

Some of the top instructors from prestigious schools across the globe teach Coursera courses. Furthermore, you can access this website whenever and wherever you wish. Once you complete, you will receive an electronic certificate. Coursera is, by far, one of the best websites for newbies in web development.

5. W3Schools

W3schools programming and web development

W3School is highly similar to FreeCodeCamp; here, you will be able to learn all essentials when it comes to programming and web development. You will be able to master all the three core technologies for web development; CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Furthermore, you will be able to learn Bootstrap, Sass, and React. In addition to that, several exercises cover topics to aid in testing your comprehension in the language you chose.

6. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp free learn Web development 2020

If you would like to learn web development for free, then FreeCodeCamp will be best for you. This site is by far the best free resource when it comes to learning web development.

Here, you will be able to learn or the essential topic regarding web development including; CSS (Bootstrap, Flexbox, Grid, and Sass), HTML as well as JavaScript (JQuery, React). In addition to that, you will be able to learn everything when it comes to designing fully responsive web designs. This website will provide you with hundreds of projects as well as essential exercises that will test your knowledge.

7. Treehouse

Treehouse online learning platform

Treehouse is another well-known online learning platform when it comes to web development. This website features more than 1000 quality videos covering topics such as web development, entrepreneurship, and web design. Unlike most online learning platform, Treehouse allows you to learn at your own pace.

They have planned the learning session as well as choose various coding languages for every level; that is from beginners to advance. This is a great online platform when it comes to learning web development since they hold your hand as a beginner during the entire leaning process.

Despite the fact that they are one of the best online learning platforms, Treehouse is a bit costly. You will have to pay $200 per month, which makes a bit expensive when compared to other inline learning platforms.

8. Codecademy


Codeacademy is an incredible online learning platform, and it features both free and paid versions. This website has taught over 45 million users to code. The best part is that this online platform is equipped with plenty of free courses. If you have interest in learning web development, you will be able to find several topics to cover in this platform, including courses such as CSS, HTML as well as JavaScript.

In addition to that, Codeacademy features a pro version that gives you access to Web Developer Course that will tackle all the essential topics that you will require when it comes to web development. With this pro version, you will have access to several coding exercises and projects.

You should note that Codeacademy is by far the greatest website when it comes to learning coding and web development; however, its free version is highly restricted and does not offer as much as the pro version. If you however, don’t want to purchase the pro version, you might consider going through some of their free courses and choose one that will best suit your need.

Final verdict

Choosing the best programming language can be challenging; however, as time progresses, you will be able to select a programming language that will best suit your need. On the other hand, learning web development is a vital skill in today’s world.

By following the above tips, you will be able to design a website that will best suit your need with the minimum challenge. As we conclude, we hope that this article has been of great assistance as you look for the best way to learn web development.

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