How to Create a Business Facebook Page without a Personal Account

There are over 2 billion people on Facebook. That means 2 billion reasons why your business should be on Facebook. It is the most powerful social media tool for your business at his presence in nearly all the markets in the world. This is 2020, and if your business is not on Facebook, then I guarantee your competition is.

How to Create a Business Facebook Page without a Personal Account

This is because there are over 60 million business pages on Facebook, and many utilize Facebook ads to reach their global audience. Facebook records nearly half a million new accounts every day, which roughly translates to six new accounts every second.

Despite its popularity around the world, there are still many individuals who are yet to open Facebook accounts. Statistics have shown that half of those without Facebook accounts live with someone who has and many times utilize their housemate’s accounts to go through various Facebook posts. You may be an individual who refuses to be on Facebook, and that is fine. I am not here to pass judgment. However, you may agree that your business does need to have online visibility in this global digital village that we live in.

Is it Possible to have a Facebook Business page without a personal page?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to have a business page without having a private account.

You must have a personal account to open a business page. Before 2018 it was possible to open a business page without having a private account. But in 2018, there was a Policy change at Facebook that required all Business pages to be linked to personal accounts to increase transparency. This is because Facebook now requires all Business pages to have an administrator who can manage profiles and assign specific roles to other users in the business to contribute towards the page. This can only be possible by connecting the business page to the business Admins personal account.

Creating a Business Facebook Page without a Personal Account

Before the policy change, your profile remained detached from your business account, and all posts from the business account displayed the name of the business account. However, this not the case anymore. Nowadays, the name of the person who makes the post appears on the business page and shows who made the post.

Facebook now has a Transparency page that appears on the right-hand side that shows the page’s date of creation, and the team members who manage the page. The page admin will be listed in this box; hence it is crucial to ensure your profile is authentic. No need to worry about the personal account since you are not required to post anything or operate the account.

Facebook Business Page Manager

As stated earlier, it is not possible anymore to create a business page without having a private account. The Business page requires an admin profile that must be linked to a personal account. I do not recommend the creation of a fake profile. This is because the business page will run the risk of being taken down should Facebook discover the phony profile and for not following Facebook guidelines. So simply go to the Facebook page and create a personal profile with the bare minimum information required.

Creating a personal profile is as easy as ABC. The good news is that you do not need to operate the account or make any posts with that private account. The important thing is that the information and credentials displayed in that personal profile should be legitimate. Once you have created the personal profile, you can then go-ahead to build the business page.

This are the steps to follow in creating the Business page

1. Choose a category

You can go to the Facebook business page creation on

How to Create a Business Facebook Page and choose the category of your new page. The options are ‘local business or place’ ‘cause or community’ ‘artist, band or public figure,’ ‘brand or product,’ and ‘entertainment.’

2. Add your business information

Here you need to have a specific category that you get to choose from a drop-down menu provided. You can then go ahead to fill in all the gaps with relevant information about your business.

3. Fill your Profile

Once you click ‘Get started’ it becomes possible to include more information concerning the business. This information makes it easier to find your business on a web search or Facebook search.

4. Upload your profile picture

Next will be selecting a profile picture for your page. This can be a logo, image, or brand hero. It has to be 180 x 180 px.

5. Make it a favorite

This may not be a requirement, but it will make things easier for you in operating and managing the page. Once you add it to your favorite pages, you will be able to access it in one click.

6. State your audience.

You can then define your preferred page audience and add a cover photo for your page. This is a necessary and crucial step as Facebook will now classify you as a page, and its algorithm will help you connect with your future audience.

Facebook Business Manager Account

Even though you will have the admin role on the business page, you can select not to display it on the page. Instead, you can use the Facebook Business Manager.

Facebook Business Page Manager

The Business Manager assists advertisers to join Facebook marketing endeavors across their business with external partners. This free platform can be used to

• Manage assets like your business pages and advertising accounts

• Run and manage your advertisements

• Add an agency or marketing firm to help run your marketing.

The business manager helps keep your personal and work life separate. Business Manager is a central space where you can run your business affairs without mixing or interfering with your personal profile.

Business Managers can also be used by small, medium, and large businesses to manage their assets from one central location on the site and ensure that the authorized people have the right access to your account.

Those who had access to your page before moving to the business manager will continue their access, and none of your marketing campaigns or adverts will be interrupted.

There several reasons to opt for the Business Manager.

• Those who want complete authority over their assets without surrendering ownership to those who help run your business.

• To manage several Facebook assets such as apps, ad accounts, or pages.

• Where a business has many people who run the marketing and operate the business presence on Facebook or Instagram

• The business manager continues to innovate and introduce new safeguard measures to assist you in maintaining control of your assets.

• You seek growth for your business where you wish to get access to various ad accounts, apps, and pages, or provide access to your page for other agencies.

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Benefits of Creating a Business Facebook Page

Facebook was the pioneer social media platform to gain global acceptance and coverage. At the turn of the previous decade. Facebook had gained global dominance, and many will still make a case for Facebook’s dominance today. However, there have been social media opinions that have alluded to Facebook being old-school and that there are new and better social media marketing platforms than Facebook. Some even claim that you don’t get as many likes as other platforms, and therefore, it no longer essential to have a Facebook account.

I beg to differ and make a case for Facebook. It remains the largest social media platform in the world, with over 2 billion active accounts. If you intend to gain visibility and growth for your brand, then you need to be on Facebook and have a Facebook page.

Below we look at some of the benefits of being on Facebook.

1. Build an e-mail list of potential clients.

It is not enough to work toward as many likes as possible. What if Facebook increases costs and price of utilizing their platform, or suffers a reduction in business capabilities or worse, shuts down one day. You need to build a relationship with your clients and potential clients outside of Facebook. Comments and likes on your page are accounts you can access and attain E-mail addresses. Be careful not to bombard your clients with numerous e-mail every day; otherwise, you may scare them away. Send them relevant e-mails once in a while that can keep them engaged but not scare them away.

2. Target potential customers by demographics and location.

Facebook makes it possible to create targeted ads for a specific target market. Facebook ads can target people of a certain age, or you can specify the radius within a particular location. Having an AD on TV means you can reach many people in a short amount of time, but most of them are not within your market as they may have little interest in your product. Facebook has nearly 2 billion active accounts. You are not looking to get 1 billion likes on your page. Facebook helps you utilize your resources in the best way possible.

3. Build Brand Loyalty

Facebook offers businesses a chance to engage with their client’s one on one. Customer complaints and suggestions can be attended to one at a time. This makes your clients feel that personal touch that lacks in the TV ads. This builds brand loyalty if you manage your business page well. Your loyal clients will forgive mistakes made as long you keep them updated and honest about your products. Loyal and regular clients are the primary avenue for growth.

4. Spying on competitors

New features make it possible to spy on your competition. Now, this does not mean picking into their sales and income books. A tab on the page allows you to add the competitors in your area and helps you see and monitor their engagements on social media. You get to see their ads and traffic generated in their pages compared to yours. This can help you stay in the know and know where and how to improve to keep your business relevant.

5. Exposure and Visibility

With nearly 2 billion accounts, exposure becomes the number one reason your business must get a Facebook page. This helps your business find potential clients, no matter where they are in the world. By using the search engine, your business will pop up whenever a client needs your service or product. This provides you the perfect platform to gain visibility for your brand and stay ahead of your competition.

For these reasons, ensure that your business incorporates digital solutions and is visible in the online space else you risk being pushed out of the market by your competitors. A presence on Facebook can help you ensure a dominant social media presence.

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