How to get an internship with no experience

How to get an internship with no experience

The internship is a great opportunity for students to have working experience before they finally joined the labor force. Usually, people under internship do not have previous work experience and that makes it difficult for them to land jobs.

Most companies offering such internship job opportunities would in most cases prefer those that have such experiences in the past. It also offers an opportunity for them to grow professional connections about the jobs they do.

However, because these students do not have previous work experiences, it may not be easy for them to land the internship jobs. This does not mean that you cannot land that job because you do not have that previous experience. There are still opportunities available for you and you can explore these opportunities.

If you do not have that previous experience, there are still options available to you and you can consider the following options now to get the dream job.

Search for the places where the internships are available

The first thing that you need to do is to look for those places you are likely going to find such jobs. This means the places such as jobs are existing. If it is the first time you are looking for this kind of job it is not easy to know where to start. Here is a good place to start.

Check out for career fairs, they often have opportunities for this kind of job.
Furthermore, you can check the career center, there are several such opportunities available and you can get an opportunity from such places.

While in school, there are some jobs available and you can search the job board for such opportunities. You can get one or more opportunities out of such places.

Most importantly, you are going to browse job boards and you can ask your friends where you can get such jobs since many of them can know where such jobs exist. Furthermore, you can research specific companies of your choice and if you think that you can get jobs from them then you can research it.

The first thing to do is to search for places you are likely going to get the internship and the above suggestions are the likely places you can get it. One thing is finding a place to get it, the other thing is securing the job. When you discover a place for the job, you have to plan for the next stage which is getting the job,

Approach you take is very important and the approach you take is also critical and if you take the correct approach, it can make things easier for you. It is important you impress the internship coordinator when you make that application because it is going to help a lot.

Start with an eloquent cover letter

Start internship with an eloquent cover letter

You can make that good impression from the cover letter you present. Usually, such letters are elaborated because you have to showcase your previous experiences in that field. As a student, you have little or no experience to present and because of that, you must be crafty in the way you present such a letter. You can make a good submission for yourself stating that your lack of experience does not suggest you do not have any good thing to offer for the company. Try to make a strong case for yourself in that letter.

See this letter as representing you and it can say a lot of things on your behalf. Explain to the internship coordinator why your lack of experience should not stop you from getting that opportunity. You can explain more about your career aspirations as well as your soft skills. If you make a good case for yourself, chances are there that you can get that your dream internship job.

Do not limit your applications to one firm

It is better that you apply to wide varieties of companies offering this kind of program. Do not limit your chances, you can enhance your chances by increasing the number of applications you make for this. It is not a must you limit yourself to one internship, the more experiences you have about various fields the best for you. Apart from the fact that it enhances your chance of getting a program which means that you are not going to stay idle, it is going to increase your career skill in the future but it can expose you to other areas you do not know much about previously.

Start as a volunteer

Start internship as a volunteer

Another strategy that can work for you is to start as a volunteer. This is the best option for those that have little or no experience in this kind of position. This is a way to get yourself into the company first.

This might not be the best in terms of remuneration, but it is a good way to start. The work may entail working for free but there is nothing wrong with that and that it the price you will pay for the lack of experience. You may not be making money when you join as a volunteer but you are gaining. You can use that opportunity to prepare for the future because you are building that experience which you currently do not have.

Remember that the main aim of the internship is not to make all the money, it is to prepare you and expose you. The most important thing here is that experience and other things are secondary. The skills you get here is what would expose you and make you employable in the future. Even if you are working for free, put in your best and get a good recommendation at the end of it. If you do well, the industry can decide to employ permanently at the end of graduation and pay you a fat salary.

When you volunteer you can get what you want? The most important thing is to ensure you provide free services in a company that can help you in the future. The experience you get from them most be such that prepare you for the task ahead.

On-campus jobs

Start internship with On-campus jobs

This is another way to get that experience. It is a good way to start because it offers you the skill which you can put to better use in the future. If you had that on-campus jobs, it would not be difficult to get the right internship job you desire. Again, the aim of this on-campus jobs is not for the money that comes with it, it is because of the experiences that come with it.

Most of the on-campus jobs are done in school and having that job while in school is a good opportunity. Another great thing with that is that such jobs are often paid for. In most cases, it is not free. You can only take it free when there are no other opportunities available for you. It is unique because you get paid just as you learn.

Remember that the target is not just the money but getting that experience you need. The fact that you get for this is an added advantage. While you look for this kind of opportunity, the aim is not for the money that you are going to make out of it but the skills you derive in the process.

Join student organizations

Join student organizations

People join student organizations for different reasons. The greatest reason they join is for the job opportunities it offers. Many people join just for the experience that comes with it and the experience is enough for you to land that dream internship job. There are several of such fraternity groups in school that you can join for the opportunities they offer.

It is a part-time job that you can do while in school. If your class does not make provision for the part-time job then you can consider joining the group. It can serve the same purpose and that is to prepare you for the job in the future. You can always site the experience you have gained from such places.

The association is going to expose you to the kind of job and they will make it easy to get a better job. One of the things that come with it is the experience. You can get exposed to the employers of labor. If you have a previous relationship with employers of labor, it will make it a lot easier for you to get the kind of job you like after graduation from school.


How to start freelancing with no Experience

You can start as a freelancer. This is also good. This is because you get the work experience in the comfort of your home and you get paid at the same time. Most people prefer this option because it is better than a volunteer. In the case of volunteer, you are not paid, but in case of freelancing, you work at your own pace and you are paid at the same time.

It is good because you can create the type of skill you want and you can take that opportunity for yourself. In the process, you can pass certification tests.
Start a freelancing career is not difficult and there are a lot of sites that provide that on the internet today. New sites are created from time to time, and you can try any of them. These can help to bolster your skill as well as your career in the future.

How to start freelancing with no Experience

10 Best Freelance Websites for Beginners

Top 10 Questions to ask interviewer for internship

Now that your application for internship is considered and you are fortunate enough to appear for an interview. You must be well prepared for that interview. Apart from making good impressions about questions asked you, you can also have your own set of questions which you will ask the interviewer if you are asked to make out your own questions.

You must be well prepared for that. In the process of asking your own question, you must be very creative and the best way to do that is to ask questions that have a relevant bearing with the organization. The type of questions you ask would convince them that you are well prepared for the job. It can convince them that you are prepared to learn more about the company.

First, you do not need to ask questions that are already covered in the interview, it is better that you eliminate such questions. You can then proceed to those that are not asked and which have direct bearing to the organization and the type of work they do.

Here are some of the questions you can ask to the interviewer and which can convince them that you are well prepared for the task you are looking for in the organization.

Typical question

1. What are those things that people like in this organization that can motivate them to work here?

This shows that you are interested in knowing those values that the company offers that make people like to work with them.

2. What are those attributes or traits do you want from your top performers?

This question is important because it shows that you want to know those things they want from their workforce. When you know that, it shows them that you are prepared to excel.

3. What are the impressions your customers have your company?

Again, it is a relevant question. The company is there to serve its customers and you can know those things when you ask them. This can help you in bringing about those values.

4. What is the usual tenure of people who work in the organization?

This shows that you have an interest in job security. Nobody would like to work where he is not sure of work tomorrow.

5. What are your expectations of the organization for the person who is employed here in the next ninety days?
6. Within the next 2 to three months what the greatest challenges do you think can confront the new employers of this company?
7. Within the first year, what are your expectations from you of somebody with my experience and qualification?
8. How are you going to evaluate my performance in the annual interview?
9. What do you have in place to help your workers meet their expectations and perform better?
10. Is there anything new and exciting about this company that is not readily available on the internet?
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