How to Learn Digital Marketing at Home 2021

How to Learn Digital Marketing at Home 2020

You can learn digital marketing without stepping out of your home. The days are gone when you have to travel a far distance to learn courses of your choice. Online resources have now made it possible for anybody to learn about digital marketing. Several of such resources are available and some of them would be reviewed here.

Once you have access to a computer and the internet, you can learn such courses. You are not only going to become an expert; you are also going to become certified in digital marketing. If you are here because you need help with this kind of course, the information below would be of immense help to you keep reading to discover more about these online courses.

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is any kind of marketing of goods and services using electronic devices. It is much more than social media or content marketing. Some people have always interchanged digital marketing with the two. The term is largely encompassing. This kind of marketing will always happen online and there are a few of them that can take place offline.

If you want to become experts in digital marketing, then you must master all the tactics that are involved in that. You have to learn about various marketing strategies.

There are different types of digital marketing. There are at least nine of them. If you want to become experts in this aspect of marketing, then you must take your time to learn that course as well as earn the certification that comes with it.

Here are the most popular forms of digital marketing and they include the following:

Top 8 Free online Marketing Courses with Certificates

After checking the various digital marketing courses across the globe, the top eight of them are reviewed and recommended here. These are not the only ones, there are several others. These are the top in the world. Here is the review of the top 8.

1. Digital marketing from Google

Digital marketing from Google

It is called Google Garage and it is one of the best. The fact that it comes from the most visited website in the world which is Google actually stands it out among several other courses out there.

Google provides the most flourishing platform for the learning of these digital courses. One thing with google is that the site is available in all parts of the world and provide the best platform for these courses. Apart from that the company has in place different digital marketing courses and all these are updated and you meet the latest requirements in digital marketing.

These courses are designed to cover various states starting from the beginner level to the most advanced form of it. The beginner level is good and if you are a novice in this area, it is important that you take the beginner level course. From the basics then you can graduate to the advanced form of it. At the end of that course, Google is going to provide professional certification at the end of the course.

These courses are to help you to become an expert in digital marketing and with the knowledge gained from it, you can grow your business or start a new career on your own.

Furthermore, you are going to learn how to begin an online business successfully and you can learn the strategies to attract customers to your business website.

Furthermore, you will learn basic ad skills and this means that you should be able to advertise your business online. It also has to do with social media campaigns.

Most importantly, this offers you the flexibility to study when and where you choose and you have to do that in the comfort of your home.

The duration for this course is short and it depends on how you are able to do that since it is self-paced.

Rating:4.5 out of 5
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2. Free digital courses from Udemy

Free Digital marketing Courses by Udemy

If you are not able to make it through Google platform, there is another platform available to you and it includes Udemy. The platform is great because it is going to offer different levels of digital marketing courses. These courses are going to be helpful. Whether you are a beginner or you are advanced in digital marketing.

It is going to equip you with the latest knowledge and skills to transform your business. These are the best courses you can get online because they are created by reputable instructors with Udemy. These are real experts because they have been in that industry for more than fifteen years.

You are going to learn a lot of things on this platform and it is related to such things about the business you want to do.

There are several courses involved here and the most prominent amongst them is The Complete Digital Marketing Course, Digital Marketing Masterclass as well as Digital Marketing Associate Certificate Course. There are several such courses.

These are some of the course certifications you can get under that platform and at the end of these courses you are going to get certificates from Udemy and you are going to become an expert in that your selected field.

These courses are unique because they are designed to cover different course and they cover PPC, social media marketing, running an online ad campaign as well as influencer marketing and several others.

The most important aspect of it is the various skills you are going to gain and these include internet marketing, marketing management, as well as entrepreneurship and ad strategy, and so on. The course duration is self-paced and this means that you alone can determine when you can complete that course and gain that certification.

Rating:4.5 out of 5
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3. Product strategy

 Product strategy courese by Kellogg school

This is from the Kellogg school of management. It is an aspect of digital marketing. Because of the popularity, a lot of people are moving into the field and it is today regarded as the fastest growing in the world. This means that you are going to become are expert or specialist in different aspects of product marketing.

This school is reputable because they are going to prepare you for that duty and at the end of the training program you will become certified.

This covers several aspects of digital marketing and it is good for managers. The program is going to prepare you on various aspects of digital marketing such as defining requirements, analyzing as well as strategizing, and even designing marketing models for different forms of businesses.

In the end you are going to become the best for obvious reasons. The first is that you are going to be trained by professionals and these are the best in this form of digital marketing. Because of the quality of training and tutorial you receive from this training school, you are going to be at least twenty percent ahead of others in similar institutions. You are going to earn certification with ease.

The program can be concluded within the space of 2 months and you do not spend more than 4 to 6 hours every week you want to do that program. You are going to enjoy this because you are going to become an expert at the end. There is no doubt that you will have real value for every money you spend on this.

Duration:2 months, 4 to 6 hours per week
Rating:4.7 out of 5
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4. Master Digital Marketing

Master Digital Marketing by London Business School

This Course certification comes from the London Business School. It is meant for those who want to become experts in advanced tactics in digital marketing. If you want to run your own business, this course is going to become useful since the knowledge you acquire here is to assist you to grow your business.

The course is one hundred percent modern, and the outline is formulated to assist you in achieving your objectives within the shortest possible time. London business school is one of the best when it comes to this kind of course. These courses are designed by experts in this school and it covers everything you need to know about this. The course is advanced and if you had the basic knowledge of it, it is going to help you a lot.

It is going to introduce you to a number of factors and they include the 3C framework and different other courses that cover various metrics of marketing. At the of the courses and the completion of the various assignments that are provided, you are going to be awarded the certificate and this is going to show that you are an expert in that area.

There are lots of things that you are going to learn at the end of it and it includes the development of an omnichannel strategy including those that are going to assist you to retain your customers.

These courses are available in different modules and these are focused on different sections. The ten modules are about the various aspects of digital marketing and they include SEO, Social media marketing as well as SEM, and so on. Besides, you are going to learn how the search engines work. This shows that you are going to become an expert in this aspect of digital marketing. The fact that it comes from the most recognized institution in the world means that you are going to have a great reputation at the end of the training.

Duration:3 months, 4-6 hours/month
Rating:4.5 out of 5
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5. Free digital marketing certification


This certification comes from LinkedIn learning. Another name for this is Lynda. Here you can make a choice of digital marketing certification you require and this comes from reputable organizations. If you are one of such that want to improve from practical experience, then you can always consider this one.

You are trained by practitioners who have learned a lot over the years. To ensure that you become an expert in this, the providers of the course made available a great and achievable path which you can easily follow to achieve your aims.

Courses are spread in different areas and they include Google Analytics, SEO, Lead Generation, content marketing growth hacking, and several others.

Most importantly, this training is free for you and it is a great advantage. The course does not take plenty of time and if you are devoted to it, it will not take more than one month to complete the training course. Apart from that, they make available social media courses and most of these courses would be available to you free.

The duration of that course is going to be 14 hours and this means that you can finish it within the next few days if you are serious about it.

Duration:14 hours
Rating:4.5 out of 5
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6. Digital marketing courses Coursera

Digital marketing courses Coursera

This is one of the Coursera courses. The courses are made available to you from the most reputable university in the world. The courses are offered by Coursera. At the end of the training, you would become certified and you are going to become an expert in that field. This is a reputable university.

It is not offered by one university; different universities combine to provide these courses. Some of the universities that offer the courses include the University of California, the University of Illinois, and leading research institutions in the world. Apart from that certification, you can also earn a diploma in digital marketing, and so on. Coursera has different programs that cover different areas of learning and you can make great use of opportunities they provide for you.

At the end of that training, you are going to earn professional certification and it means that you are an expert. The fact that it is provided by the best universities in this world is a great incentive.

There is a wide range of courses available here and you can choose from any of them you think is valuable to you. You are going to learn from the best instructors who come from different parts of the world. Besides, you are going to learn the latest and the most trending digital marketing strategies. You can indeed become specialized and it is your great benefit.

The duration of the course varies. It is self-paced and this means that you are going to determine the most convenient time for you to complete that program.

Rating:4.5 out of 5
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7. Free marketing courses


This is one of the best courses and it is offered by edX. This is about marketing and digital marketing and you are going to learn that free. It is one of the courses that is offered by edX and that means that you are not going to pay a dime to get that certification. You are going to bring out your time and your brain to learn the wonderful things this course offers to you.

This covers different areas and you are going to be an expert in understanding what marketing is all about as well as the various social media marketing strategy as well as marketing digital product and community and content management and so on.

These courses are offered by most reputable universities across the country which include UBC, University of Berkeley as well as the University of Columbia. The course is great and you can become an expert at the end of the training.

The duration of that course varies and it is self-paced.

Rating:4.5 out of 5
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8. Digital marketing strategies


This comes from the Kellogg school of management and it is one of the executive courses offered by the reputable institution. This is good for everybody and it is meant for managers as well as professionals that want to improve on their skills when it comes to digital marketing.

You are going to learn many things about marketing, especially how to attract influential customers. It is regarded as one of the best product management certification courses you can take today. This course is to prepare you very well and it does not take more than two months to conclude. If you can devote 4 or 6 hours weekly you can accomplish that in two weeks.

Duration:2 months
Rating:4.5 out of 5
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These are some of the best digital marketing courses you can earn in your home. There are several others. These courses are offered by the most reputable institutions, colleges, and universities in the world. You can take any of these courses if you want to become an expert in digital marketing.

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