How to make Quick Money Online 2021

How to make Quick Money Online 2020

It’s 2020, and the year couldn’t be much better. Coronavirus is here, jobs are closed, and for those fortunate enough, they are working from home. Most likely, things are starting to take a toll on you, and finances are draining real fast. So, what do you do? 

Well, some people are looking for a separate stream of income to help them sort out a few bills while others are looking for a job that they can do in their free time. Whatever the reason, there are many different ways you can make quick money online

However, it is always advisable to be careful — some of the available options are malicious and illegal activities But which are the real ways to make money from home?

26 How to be Making Money Online for Beginners

26 How to be Making Money Online for Beginners

1. Start Dropshipping

This is an e-commerce model that allows you to sell physical products online with having to own an inventory. With drop shipping, you will not be required to have a warehouse or deal with the issues of shipping and handling. So, your supplier handles the product fulfillment needs, and when the product is ready, the dropshipper ships it to the customer on your behalf. 

A drop shipping online store is practically simple to start as there are no upfront starting costs. Actually, with a good website or open source shopping cart and a free credit card, you are set to go. 

2. Try Print on Demand

This process involves working with a supplier to customize white-label items with your own styles and designs. You are allowed to sell the products on a per-order basis. The good thing about this kind of model is that you will only pay for the product after selling. 

And, everything from printing to shipping after the sale, is handled by the supplier. You do not have to buy the product in bulk or have any inventory. Fulfilling an order will only take you a few clicks once everything is set up. 

3.Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing does not require you to deal with delivery, customer service or creating any products. All you have to do is generate traffic to a product on sale, a service or a company and earn a commission for this. The product owner is tasked with doing all the work before and after sales.

The product owner in most cases provides promotional materials to be used by the affiliates. This method requires some skills to generate the required results. However, it is important to note that if well done, it is a quick way to earn money. 

4. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a great platform that allows you to get paid for posting content on their platform. Create a YouTube channel and start making money from it regardless of the number of subscribers you have. Your earning potential will be determined by the level of engagement you generate and the views. 

Yes, subscribers do count, but as a newbie, your focus should be more on the niche you cater to, and the revenue channels you want to explore. Have a clear understanding of the audience you are targeting, create your own line of merchandise and then launch it. You will be smiling all the way to the bank.

5. Become an Influencer

You need to know how to become an influencer first before making money out of it. Many influencers are very big on social media with huge followings. So how do you get there? Produce high-quality content on your social media networks, engage your audience and join an influencer’s network. This helps you gain credibility and get you in the radar of brands sourcing for influencers. 

Influencers earn money from sponsored posts, becoming brand ambassadors and affiliate marketing. 

6. Create an Online Course

Most people love writing e-books, how about you go the extra mile and create an online course. Yes, this is very much possible and easy. Create an online course with tutorials, videos and downloads that can be in PDF format. 

This is a great way of making money online because people will pay for the info and can learn at their own stride. You are sure to make profit from your knowledge. 

7. Publish an Ebook

Selling e-books is a venture that can earn you some good amount of money. There are many different methods of creating your own e-book available online, with Kindle being a perfect example. 

If you do not have a book of your own, you can find an already published book in print and publish it online via license. Based on the net sales, you can pay the author 8-15% royalties. Also, you can give the author a one-time online publishing rights payment. 

8. Start a Blog

This works well if you have an area of expertise that you would want to share. Having a blog allows you to share what you are good at while making money out of it. Think about what you can offer and make money from it with a blog. 

Kindly note, it is easier to attract the desired audience once you are specific with what you offer. There are many sites online that will help you create your own blog and host them within a huff. 

9. Consider Freelancing

Freelancing allows you to explore a variety of outlets from blogging to writing for news publications and online publications. There is always something out there for a freelancer. You also have the freedom to choose from the topics that you want to specialize in and earn some money from it. 

Freelancing sites are available all over the internet and are full of clients looking for a freelancer with your skills. Remember, you can also become a freelance online proof-reader. During this Covid-19 period, the demand for freelancers is very high.

10. Create an App

This is a venture that does not require you to be an app developer, added advantage if you are a developer. The good thing is, you can have an app with a way that doesn’t require any programming know-how. There are various platforms that allow you to find app developers online and at friendly prices.

So, how do you make money? There are two known ways of making money online with an app. That is, adding it to Google play and the App store and getting paid after a download. Alternatively, you can choose to have it as a free app and add premium features or ads that will make you some dime. 

11. Become a Writer

At this time and age, the need for content creators is on the rise. Many brands are sourcing for great content writers and the search won’t stop any time soon. Versatility dictates that brands need to produce fresh content as soon as possible to stay on top of things. 

To be a great writer, you need to cut your own niche in your specialty. What makes most writers fail is exploring too many options without considering what they are great at. Specializing allows you to be different from other writers online, offering the best perspective to a piece of work. Sites, such as Upwork and Hirewiters, pay writers for their content. 

12. Create Side Gigs

The good thing about side gigs is that you can run them while still keeping your full-time job. Notably, most of these gigs are short term and can be of less benefit, especially if you are unemployed and looking for a full time thing. You can earn a couple hundred of dollars every month depending on the work you put in. 

There are various sites such as Fiver, which allow you and create gigs and sell. Ensure that you get a good review from the first gig you sell. To get people to buy your gig, deliver a finished product that can be featured on your portfolio. Remember, with many gig sites, numbers do count, so ensure that you have multiple gigs available. Another site that allows you to sell gigs is Craigslist

13. Do Translation Work

This work requires that you be fluent in two languages. Making money online from translation is an underserved niche. This is an awesome opportunity to make money if you majored in a popular language in school or you simply are bilingual. 

Most sites need proof of ability and in some instances you may be required to show samples of your portfolio or level of translation experience. Having attached documents is an added advantage. Remember, you cannot use translation tools since most of them are not perfect. Sites such as Pro Translating and SDL are a good start. 

14. Sell Your Stuff

They say that desperate times call for desperate measures. When you want to make that extra money and the only available fast option is selling your stuff, then why not? Selling your possession online whether you have in excess or not is a fast way of making money online. 

You can sell your clothes, your laptop, mobile phones or other accessories that have value. Ensure that you post an awesome photo and description of the item on various online platforms at friendly and realistic prices. Ensure that you factor in the shipping costs. 

15. Become an Online Tutor

Online teaching allows you to work at your own hours while making good money. The amount of money you make depends on the work hours and the means/site you choose to work with. Build your client base by online advertisement, word of mouth and referrals. Also choose a subject that you are good at and mostly on demand.

If you have a teaching degree, the better for you. Apply for jobs from these sites Tutor Me and 

16. Drive Your Car

The taxi hailing business and products delivery can be a good venture if you own a car. A driver gets paid for moving people from one point to another with the help of apps like Uber. Apart from making money from ride-hailing, you can also choose to turn your car into an advertisement via Free Car Media

This is done by wrapping detailed removable vinyl decal on your car. As the car moves, people are able to see the ads. 

17. Become a Virtual Assistant

Reach out to brands out there and ask if they need a virtual assistant. With the rise in the number of companies and brands around, the need for virtual assistants is equally on the rise. It is important to know the task that you shall be conducting before applying for a spot.

Most virtual assistants are tasked with running social media platforms, processing orders, customer support and bookkeeping. Source for a job on sites like Virtual Assistant Jobs or Upwork.

18. Become a Twitch Streamer

Twitch started out as a gaming platform, due to its popularity, it has evolved into having other contents. Making money via Twitch requires that you have a big following and ensure that your style is different from the rest. Your channel needs to be interactive, funny or educational or entertaining. 

There are ways to make via Twitch streaming such as fans donations, subscription, selling products and brand sponsorship. 

19. Invest in Stocks

Investing in stocks is also a sure way of making quick money online. However, this is a reserve for people who are good at picking stocks. Reason, while you can easily make money from stocks, you can easily lose money as well.

Furthermore, if you have a full-time job check whether there are policies that may deter you from investing in stocks. If not, sign up for it. You will surely rake in some good money from stock investment if you do it well.

20. Sell Your Photography

Do you love taking pictures or recording videos? Are you making money online through these ventures? If not, then there are many online sites that pay for stock photos and footage. This is done once someone licenses your photo or video from the site. These sites include, Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, VideoHive and Pond5. 

This is an involved task and requires that you put effort in going through the sites mentioned above to know the most popular styles before uploading your work. Aside from the money with your footage and stock photo, using these sites help you build a fan base for your works. 

21. Sell Your Clothes Online

Most of us have clothes that we rarely put on or have either become big or small for our fitting. Regardless of what you intend to sell, there are a number of websites that allow you to sell your apparel, that is, Tradesy, TheRealReal and Poshmark

Social media can also be a great platform to sell your clothes, shoes and / handbags. It is much easier, especially when you are selling to a group of persons that are located in your area via social media.

22. Become an Extreme Couponer

Coupons come in handy, especially in times when finances are a challenge. Sites such as Spin Coupon can help you make money online through a commission. So how does it work? The site offers to pay to Share Program, which generates you a 2% commission from the coupons you sell to their platform. 

Notably, the company is very legit and has paid out millions of dollars in commissions. 

23. Sell Domains

This is a very competitive venture and requires one to be very versatile. The business involves buying domains and selling them at a profit, especially to companies that are heavily dependent on search volumes. Here is the trick: consider selling a one word .com domain, domains that are on trend and words that have a high search volume. 

Research on the domains that have the highest bids as this will let you know whether the domains you have are worth selling and the amount of money they cost. Sell your domains on Go daddy’s Domain Auction.

24. Sell Your Designs Online

Having skills such as graphics design can make you a lot of money online. There are various ways of making money online by selling your design. You can choose to sell your designs on a crowd source such as 99 Designs. You can sell your graphics on Creative market or other market places. 

Other ways include print on demand and getting clients to work for as freelance graphic designers. 

25. Review Websites, Apps, and Software

User Testing will pay you for giving reviews to entrepreneurs on their websites and apps alike. The pay is 10$ per gig. It works by giving a reviewer a set of questions, which shall be answered as you browse through the site. 

This is a quick way to make money online but requires you to be very fast when a new site is uploaded for review. 

26. Get a Part-Time Job

The frustration of getting that extra buck to pay your school fees or utility bills can at times be nerve wrecking. Most of the ideas we have highlighted are great for people looking for a build-up. You should note that they can be successful in the long run too. 

However, if you are not making money as fast as you may want or as much as you want, then getting that part-time job is advisable. Check out for jobs on sites such as Monster.

Final Thoughts

Making money fast is a great venture but it solely depends on the effort and passion you put into it. For those that have taken it as a business, the results are visible. Take your time and settle on a model that will best suit you.

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