How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing in 2021

The internet is transforming the world of business today. Everything in the world today is getting digitalized. Because of that, it is creating opportunities for marketers not only in India but also in other parts of the world.

how to start a career in digital marketing in india

It is the fastest-growing opportunities in India. If you are seeking to make a career into that, this is the best time for that, because you are going to grow your business to the highest level. Before you can talk of venturing into digital marketing, you must, first of all, learn the basic skills.

If you learn, opportunities for growth are always there and you can do something like blogging, internet marketing, freelancing, and other online money-making opportunities. Apart from that, you can get a conventional career job.

Digital marketing is becoming very competitive not only in India but also in the global market. If you want to have an edge it is necessary that you develop the skill and have the knowledge in the digital market and that is the best way to go about it.

To start a career in digital marketing, you must get the training from any of the training institutes that offer such courses. There are different ways you can get started in having a career in digital marketing and here are some of them.


To convince prospective employers that you are an expert in that field, you need Certification in digital marketing. When you get that career, you are not only going to convince others that you are an expert, the most important thing is that you are going to acquire the basic skill and learning about this aspect of marketing. Having the knowledge is the key to success.

When you have that certification, you will become an expert, and employers are going to be seeking your help. Lots of companies in India are looking for experts and certified professionals in this area. The job is a hot cake and you can gain enormously from your training and knowledge. The starting point in that career is getting that certification. When you are certified, you are going to learn everything about the industry.

There are a number of courses you can take to get that certification. Most of these courses are what you can do in your own and this means that you can do them online.

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Begin a Career in Blogging

This is one of the ways of starting a career in digital marketing. You can start your own blog. When you do that, you will learn the basic aspects of digital marketing unconsciously. This is because blogging goes with digital marketing and you can get enough experience about this aspect of marketing when you start the blog.

Blogging deals with vital aspects of digital marketing such as content creation, paid marketing, advertising, affiliate marketing as well as search engine optimization, social media marketing, and most importantly email marketing.

These are some of the aspects that are touched during the training courses. You can actually become an expert by beginning your own blogs.


It is not every time that you have to go to training institutions to learn about digital marketing. If you do an internship with a digital marketing company, you can learn many things about that, and you can become an expert in a short time.

Digital Marketing Internship

One of the ways you can actually become an expert in this field is by understudying such companies. When you do that, you are not only going to learn the theory, then you are going to do the digital aspect of it.

The internship training is meant for those who have basic knowledge about the subject. If you are a complete novice about it, then the internship training is not meant for you. after passing that internship, you are going to become an expert and you can start your own career in that aspect of marketing.

Having a strong connection with experts in digital marketing

If you want to start a career you can also start by having a strong connection with digital marketing experts or players within that industry. The relationship is indispensable in all aspects of career building. You can learn more by having a strong engagement with industry experts.

There are lots of ways of doing that and one of them is becoming a part of programs and events that they organize these include such events like seminars, workshops, and so on.

Such events are organized every year and this is done in many parts of India. While you may not partake in all of them but you can choose only those that are relevant to your industry. This is indispensable.

To know about such programs, you can become a member of social media groups connected to the digital marketing industry. The digital marketing group is available on Facebook and other sites such as Twitter and others.

Through such forums, you can get information about such events and seminars and you can get more information about them through social media.

Apart from that, there is a need to update yourself with the most recent knowledge about digital marketing. One thing with this industry is that new knowledge is fast developing and you need to update yourself with such knowledge when they are available and the best way to do is to go through the training or seminars and so on.

Digital Marketing Manager Salaries in India

Digital marketing officers are in high demand across the country. Because of that, their take-home pay is on the increase. The average salary of these professionals is on the increase and that depends on the industry you find yourself as well as your level of experience and training.

Average Digital Marketing Manager with Digital Marketing Skills Salary in India

In the same way, your level of certification also has a role to play here. The average salary ranges from Rupees 8,09,777. If you have an experience spanning from 4 to 8 years you can earn up to that amount in India.

As already stated, it is determined by different factors, and most of the factors were outlined above. The city of residence can also determine the salary you receive.

For DM Manager the salary can range from 4,00,000 to 18,00,000 and the same factors that are mentioned above can determine that. This means that it is possible for people having the same qualification and certification getting different salaries. The industry you are involved in and the city you are located in can be a factor in this one.

Some of the jobs available for certified professionals in digital marketing include Pay per click analyst. For holders of that certification that is PPC/SEM, their salaries can reach 2,50, 000 rupees in the country. If you have up to one year of experience, you can receive that amount.

However, as one grows in the experienced in this area, the salary can be adjusted and it can reach 6,00,000 rupees.

SEO Specialist is another area of specialization and this is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. This aspect is always in high demand as they are in high demand across the country. After the one-year of experience, you can earn up to 2,20,000. It is one of the most demanded professionals in digital marketing.

The thing is that there is an opportunity for digital professionals in this country. The openings would continue to be there because the internet is becoming the most important trading platform.

Digital marketing tips

Digital marketing is better handled by the experts. Whether you are in B2C or B2B businesses or in any form of online marketing, you must learn how to handle this aspect of marketing if you want to take your business to the highest level. You must be get connected to the target customers. This kind of marketing include mobile and online market and you can achieve a great result without spending most of your resources on ads.

There some helpful tips which you know about if you want to become successful in online marketing in this digital age.

The first thing that matters in any business is the audience or your customers. You must know where these are located online and this can assist you in targeting them in your campaign.

Furthermore, digital tools make it easier to develop a flexible and structured marketing strategy that can make it easier to reach the target audience. It is flexible because you can change as the situation arises. One of the greatest benefits of digital marketing visuality. Customers are able to see and you must incorporate this aspect in digital marketing. You must be very creative in this aspect.

Digital marketers have the tools and strategies to expand their online marketing efforts. This is possible through mobile marketing devices. You are able to reach out to a large number of people within a certain time.

Furthermore, experts here ensure that they carry their audience along in their marketing efforts. They do that by ensuring that the audience is involved in various aspects of content creation whether it is text or visual. Your customers must be part of the content you create and your product will address their needs.

Starting a digital marketing agency

Starting a digital marketing agency

Starting a digital marketing agency is a right step in the correct direction. The first thing to do is to ensure that you have the correct skill. You have the requisite skill and the area of your concentration has to be on specific areas of interest.

This implies that you are not going to be skilled or certified in all aspects of digital marketing. You must have done your research and discover the area of interest to you before you get started.

The most popular areas of digital marketing you can target your skill include social media, SEO as well as PPC. There are several others that are even more competitive than those mentioned above.

The first step is deciding on which specialization you are going to branch into. You must have a clear idea of what you want and what you want to achieve at the end of the day.

For instance, if you think that you are going to be a specialist when it comes to the management of PPC, then you can start with that. In the same way, if you think that you can do well in Social Media and so on, you can start from that aspect as well.

You must do your research and you choose that aspect that can help you to succeed. Look for that career path that can stand you out from the crowd. Social media management is very competitive these days and many people take a career towards that aspect of digital marketing.

What is your niche

Before you can think of the service you offer, you must have a niche. Look for those areas you have the comparative advantage of compared to others. You can consider that aspect as your niche area.

The fact is that there are opportunities in all these niches and the niche areas will stull utilize various aspects of digital marketing to promote goods and services. There is no need of accepting that you can do everything while in the actual sense you cannot well in all the areas.

Concentrate only on the sector or the subsector you think you are perfect and which you can easily outdo other competitors. The most important here is setting up an agency and running a business which, you can do very well.

If you choose an area you can do well and in the process, you prove to be very successful, you discover that you are going to gain the attention of the industry and within a short time, your agency will grow in limps and bounds and you can dominate that industry.

Even when you are choosing a niche, you must still specify which industry because there are several industries within a niche. If you want to focus on the hospitality industry, for instance, you can focus on bars, or restaurants or focus on hotels. You can become a social media expert on this niche you have selected. If you handle that aspect very well, you are going to dominate and industry players are going to patronize your services.

What is marketing collateral?

What is marketing collateral? Starting a digital marketing agenc

If you want to have a digital marketing agency, then you must truly be on the ground. You have to convince industry players that you have all it takes to carry out this business. The first thing to show them is the marketing collateral you have on the ground. This is what you are going to use to attract customers. You are going to compete with others using this tool.

There are lots of tools you can use to get to your customers but then you have to consider which of them is widely available to them to see you easily. There are two major ways of getting the attention of potential customers and you must develop these two aspects to the fullest. These include website and social media.

You must have a strong online presence and this is the only way you can be seen in all parts of India. A website is the basic and that is what Google and other search engines are going to you to rank you. This is the medium that you are going to use to convince others of the quality services you can provide.

You can convince people through the website. When you are creating that site, you are going to be professional in designing that. The homepage must be encompassing and it has to pass the correct information you want to your clients.

Having a website is one thing and crafting your message in a professional manner. The site has to be very professional in all aspects starting from the headline, as well as the tagline. In crafting the content, you must also be professional in the call to action section.

It is incomplete if you fail to provide information about all kinds of services your digital marketing agency offers. It is not going to be an empty content; it is going to be one loaded with information and so on.

Your copy should be well optimized and it must be easy and very simple to read. You have to craft it in such a way that anybody can easily understand them. The content must present everything the business offers. Think of the value your customers are going to derive from the services you offer.

The agency you create must have something useful to offer and you must bear that at the back of your mind when you are creating content or designing the site.


Digital marketing is taking over not only in India but in many parts of the world. Because of that, a lot of people are taking a career in it. If you want to become a professional in this aspect, you can start by undertaking the training and getting certification at the end of the training and examinations.

If you are interested in becoming one, the information above can assist you. there are various kinds of jobs available for the professionals in this area and you can benefit from that as well.

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