How to start freelancing with no Experience

Today sitting back and complaining there are no jobs has become something of the past because of the number of opportunities online. Freelancing has become a career make, and you can always go online and look out for the various option you have to get started.

How to start freelancing with no Experience

As a beginner, you might be wondering if you can freelance without experience due to the aggressive competition online. Yes, you can.

Freelancing without experience requires you to pull some strings and work your way up and be successful at it.

Working online while you freelance is convenient despite having no experience because all you need is a secure internet connection and your laptop or phone. You can do it either as a full or part-time job and also a hobby that you earn you cash.

There are also various freelancing options for you online that do not require experience, and thus you need to pick that which fits your passion. Please do not rush the decision so that you can make lots of cash because it may lead to failure. Always go for an option or niche that suits you right, and you have a passion for it. You will have a purpose to get better, and with no experience needed, your success journey will be a tale you will easily define.

How do you start freelancing and make money with no experience?

Here is a guide to it:

How do you start freelancing and make money with no experience?

1. Define your skills

How you start will define your success as a freelancer with no experience. First, you need to define what you are good at and look at the various freelance options at your disposal. Working without a plan is the last thing you need to do while you commit to working online with no experience.

The freelance economy is booming, and so is the competition out there. Clients who will be seeking your services will require quality work from you, and thus you need to have the proper skills for you. Since you are a beginner at it, only freelance in an area that you have the skillset for or passion. It will enable you to get better with time as you polish at the quality of work you deliver, and thus you stand a chance of being successful at it.

Take time before you start freelancing and research about the various options you have versus what is required of you. You can take career tests online also online to be sure or confident about the way forward and make a sober decision as you pick the freelance job of your choice.

Most beginners get it wrong by looking at the success stories of others online and handpicking what they succeeded at not knowing the story behind. The way you lay your foundation matters a lot to make more money in the future, and thus you need to have the proper skillset to keep pushing till you succeed.

2. Market yourself

Since you have no experience in freelancing, you need to display your work online to attract a client base. Take advantage of the various online options that will help you get recognized by clients as you showcase your work and be as creative as possible. You stand a chance at being successful with no experience only if you do not sit down and wait for clients to come to you.

Create a website or blog that is quite attractive online that will ensure you can post your skills on and what you are good at. Make the website and blog as beautiful and engage in promoting it through the use of SEO and your various social media platforms. Previously you had no work to display or clients you had worked with, which means working from scratch.

Your website and blog need to be, therefore, your marketing tool thus, the effort you put in it will determine the chances of you being noticed.

Do not get shy about being a beginner because good work never goes unnoticed. Post a few of the various startups you have been on to show how good of a beginner you are, and once you get picked, ensure your reviews are good. Social media for you is one of the easiest ways to promote your website, blog, and yourself as a freelancer.

It would help if you had an account on different platforms for this to have a wider audience. Link all your accounts to the blog or website so that once clients click on it, they are directed to what you are offering as a freelancer. Make sure your link is accurate, and you are honest about what you do.

3. Network with others

Freelancing with no experience will require you to network with those who are ahead of you. Network with like-minded freelancers that you can learn from and appreciate their success journey. As a beginner, networking will ensure that you create trustworthy and mutually beneficial relationships with others to grow and be good at what you are doing.

Go online and look for those who are ahead of you in the game and let them take you through what it takes to get to the top. Taking pride as a lone wolf will not help you because you will need to know a few things about how to avoid simple mistakes that could crush you.

Building such relationships can open doors for you as a beginner with no experience, so you need to be engaging as much as possible. Be confident while networking, and never hesitate to ask for help when you need some.

Attending online workshops is one of the best networking ways for you as a beginner because you get coached by the best. You also stand a chance of having a role model in the same field you are pursuing in freelancing who will be of great help to your success journey.

4. Start with a low-paying or free work job

Starting with a low-paying or free service job will help you get better than getting shamed because you have no experience. The high paying freelance jobs mean the experience is needed, and since you do not have it, do not go for them since you will fall short of clients’ expectations. Take those which are a humble start for you before you polish on your skills and get better with time.

In the beginning, you should not focus on the cash first but getting your reputation out there. Once clients agree to see that you are exceeding their expectations, the pay will be handy. Start by learning with jobs that require little or no experience, and while doing so, work on getting better. Do lots of research and self-teaching on how you can get better and gain experience in what you are doing through commitment and dedication.

Those jobs that are low paying and of free service help you build your portfolio and thus good reviews on your website and blog. You will be polished on the quality of work as you go on freelancing, and therefore the quality of work you give clients is not compromised by being greedy at first. Once you have enough experience and are perfectly equipped with the skills you need, be hungry to succeed and take pride in those high-paying jobs because you earned your way up.

5. Be a pusher

Starting is only one step you have taken, and how you keep the fire burning as a freelance beginner will determine a lot. You have to keep pushing and have a success story you are proud of sharing with your mates. You have no experience at all, meaning there is a lot to be done by you to be good at what you are doing.

You need to invest in yourself by being disciplined and committed to getting better each day. Take time and write down what you want to achieve and have a time deadline for each goal set. Defining your goals and writing them down against the time you want to achieve them ensures you have deadlines to meet, thus dedicated towards them. It’s important also that you are consistent in what you are doing.

Clients will need to see that you are the best choice they have, and picking you will be no regret to them, and by delivering quality at all times, assures them of that.

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The Best High Paying Freelance Jobs 2020

Now, as a freelance beginner, you might be wondering where to start. There are various freelance jobs and websites available online, and you can pick one based on your skills. These jobs and websites include:

  • Transcription

Transcribing requires you to change voice audios to texts or the other way round. Transcribing will require you to listen carefully and write exactly as audio, and thus you need to be keen.

Websites such as Rev, Scribe, and Speechpad are some of the options you have.

  • Article writing

The demand for online articles is on the rise today, and you can take advantage of this. Articles re rather easy to write than doing academic-related scripts online, which will require some level of knowledge on topic assignments. There are various article-writing websites online you can work with online with little or no experience, such as Upwork, Textbroker, Hirewriter, and Iwriter, which will pay on a beginner basis.

  • E-commerce

Selling things online has become one of the easiest ways to get cash due to the rise of online shoppers. You can practice your marketing skills by engaging on a website that allows you to sell goods, products, or services via an e-commerce platform by posting. E-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and Swappa are some of the best known and will guarantee you a sale with no experience.

  • Tutoring

The fact that you do not have experience in freelancing should not stop you from being an online teacher, coach, or trainer in what you are perfect at. People are always willing to pay for knowledge, and thus you can start a tutoring job as a freelancer and help them out. Education first, Course Hero, and ESL tutoring are some of the world-renown sites for you to start and cash on with.

Purpose of getting better despite having no experience in freelancing. Remember that success is a journey, and each step counts.

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