Secretary Interview Questions & Answers in 2021

The position of secretary in any organization is lucrative. Because of organizations looking for a professional to fill that position always look for the best material. If you are interested in picking that position and you applied for one, you must prepare very well for the interview that follows.

Before you are considered for that job, you must do well in the interview. You must prepare and anticipate the likely questions to be asked you. Think about likely answers to such questions.

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Secretary Interview Questions & Answers in 2020

Various kinds of questions would be asked during the interview. These questions will have various areas of secretary duty as well as personal characteristics and attributes to know whether they can consider you for that position. Furthermore, they will find out whether you are the right candidate for the job by considering your competency for the job.

Furthermore, they will explore whether you are motivated for the job you applied to do. You are going expect questions that cover all these areas and other areas that you may not expect.

You can conduct background research about the company and the likely job a secretary can do in such an organization. Here are some of the likely questions and answers for most of the questions you could encounter in the interview.

20 Secretary Interview Questions & Answers

20 Secretary Interview Questions & Answers

1. Why did you apply for this secretary’s job?

In answering this question, you must consider a number of factors which include the company vision, their vision as well as their successes. Look at the activities and responsibilities involved in that job and think of the role of the secretary in discharging those duties in that kind of organization.

You can say that you applied for the job to help drive home the core values, missions, and visions of the company to its customers and everybody. Relate these to the duties and roles of a secretary and how you can use that role to move the company forward.

2. What motivates you and why do you think you can do a great job?

You can tell them what motivates you are your experience and background which you think are relevant to the organization. You identify those attributes which you have and which can actually motivate you to do great work in this company such as


Work ethics and tasks

Teamwork and cooperation

Learning through the work

Interpersonal interaction in the course of the work

3. What are those attributes of the secretary jobs do you consider important?

Secretaries are involved actively in any organizations and they can perform different duties and roles. A good secretary should be a good planner and organizer. Such a person should be able to communicate both written and oral. A good initiative is an important attribute. Good ethical behavior and confidentiality are indispensable for the holder of this position. Most importantly, such a person must be reliable and adaptable to any situation.

4. What do you think you are good for this job? Please highlight your weakness and strengths?

Think of attributes that are listed above and how you think that you fit in for the position. You have to tell them about your planning and organizing ability. Moreover, you must think about your flexibility and adaptability to your responsibilities.

Most importantly, you must tell them about your data management ability which is very good for the holder of that position. Tell them that you are going to pay attention to details, and your initiative and discretion, and so on. Tell them that you have all it takes to do those duties.

5. what are the things you like about your last secretary’s job as well as those you hate?

The aim is to find out whether you are good for the job and know whether you can do it well if you are given that offer. Tell them that you liked the fact that it exposed you to learn new skills and new things. You are able to deal with diverse people and you meeting with new challenges and surmount them.

Moreover, you meet daily and weekly goals. When it comes to disliking, do not tell them that you dislike any aspect of the job. It should not relate to working conditions and so on.

6. Describe a situation where you have to carefully schedule your activities to satisfy the objectives of the job?

One of the duties of a secretary to plan and organize. This involves prioritization. Tell them how you are able to plan and prioritize the works you have to do. You must consider the most important thing that comes first. Consider the needs and demands of the organization at any point in time in arranging and organizing things.

7. tell us about those times which you were not satisfied with your performance, what did you do?

The aim of this question is to ascertain your commitment to the work. Tell them that you are ready to work with the standards already set for the organization and that you would always do your best to satisfy whatever standard is in place. You do not have any problem in working with those standards that are imposed by other people.

8. What do you do to ensure you control mistakes when you work?

The question is to find out how you are going to be very accurate in the work you do. Tell them that you always ensure that you stick to the rules when you work and when you are not sure of what to do that you would always seek advice from your superiors.

9. what are those difficulties that you would sort out during the last job?

Again, the aim of this has to do with control and accuracy. They want to know what you do to ensure that you are accurate when you are working. The answer you give them is that when you are in any doubt that you have to clear with your superiors on what to do. You are a team player and that you believe in teamwork. This is the best way work is done in organizations.

10. What did you do the last time you were confronted with a very stressful condition and how did you solve the problem?

Secretaries can work under pressure and they must ensure that they cope under pressure and the aim of this question is to find out how you can cope under pressure. Tell them you understand the work can be stressful and you were trained on how to handle a stressful job. Tell them that it is part of the training you had.

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11. what do you do when your coworker and friend ask about confidential information?

This is to test your attitude in handling confidential information in the office. As a secretary, you can across confidential information and you must know how to control such information. The important thing is to know that such information must be kept secret. You will tell them that you know the importance of keeping confidential information and that you are not going to reveal any to your friend.

12. What are those things that you think make a good secretary?

This aspect is already mentioned and you to concentrate on the relevant skills and tell them that the duty of the secretary is to take responsibility. The other is that the secretary must have a positive attitude to work. Most importantly he must be able to understand other people and must be loyal to the company. A good secretary must be the one who makes the duty of the boss easier and simpler.

13. Where do you think that you are going to be in the organization in the next five years?

They want to find whether your loyalty would depend on the promotion you get. Tell them that the work you do would not depend on promotion. Tell them that you would be happy to work for the company within the next five years and that you would be happy and satisfied once you do the work of the secretary.

Even if you have a different idea for the future, there is nothing wrong with that but that throughout your stay with this organization that you are going to work to satisfy the company and your boss.

14. How do you think of the type of day job in the office?

Again, the aim is to know whether you know that job very well. the work of the secretary is not just to make coffee for the boss or to receive phone calls on behalf of their boss. It is more than that. There is much more to that job and you have to show them that there are other attitudes to that job which they must know.

Tell them you work with the boss to ensure that the schedule is accomplished especially in the discharge of the administrative tasks. Furthermore, you are going to assist them with any other thing they are going to need in the office.

You would ensure that the entire office is well managed.

15. Which type of system are you willing to work with is it MS or do you prefer other software?

Try to convince them that you know about MS and other systems and software. You should convince them of the details. There is nothing yes or no answer. Work with MS or any other software. You are versatile with all these and you are ready to work with any system that is presented to you. tell them that you are experienced about MS and other systems and tell them those you are well experienced in.

16. Why do you prefer to work here and not somewhere else?

Tell them that you prefer to work here because you believe that you possess all it takes to work here. Tell them you have heard and seen other places but you believe that you have your calling to work here and that you have all it takes to work here and produce a nice result.

17. Why do you leave your last job?

If you have worked with other companies before coming for this job, they will try to find out why you left your last job. You should be very careful with what you tell them is the reason for leaving your last job. Do not tell them that it is because of the difficulties of the job or that you do not like the job condition. Tell them you give out your time and you served them satisfactorily and there is nothing wrong in trying another place after serving them for such a long time. You do not leave out of anger or frustration.

18. Would you mind joining your boss on a business trip?

You should expect this question if you are a woman. Tell them that you are here to do the work of the secretary and you are going to abide by the ethics and demand of the job. You are going to work with the boss to deliver for the company. If it requires that you accompany your boss for the trip that has to do with the organization then you are ready and willing to do that.

19. What do you want to accomplish here?

This kind of question was asked in the past and they are likely going to repeat it to ensure that there are no contradictions. They would always ensure that they get the commitment from you. tell them what you think that you want to accomplish and they have to do with the duties and responsibilities of the secretary which were already enumerated. Tell them that you are going to be a good secretary and you will help your boss to deliver for the company.

20. What are your salary expectations?

Tell them about your salary expectations. It should not appear that you are greedy and that your commitment to the organization would depend on your take-home pay. Tell them that you expect the get the salary of the secretary and that you are going to work hard to deserve the salary you would be paid.

These are some of the likely interview questions you should expect as a secretary. As said before you must be prepared and rehearse some of the likely questions and answer those questions with confidence. If there are things that are not clear to you use your opportunity to ask them questions to get them clear.

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