How to Become a successful event blogging 2021

How to Become a successful event blogging 2020

Many people don’t know event blogging; hence it can be a bit easier to succeed in it. However, this isn’t to say that one doesn’t need to put in the work. It can be a bit difficult when starting, but once you get the hang of it, you would see it as a lucrative venture. There is no shortcut in succeeding event blogging; one only has to work hard and smart.

What is a blogging event?

A blogging event is an occasion that enables you to earn a great amount of money in a short period through writing an article about it. One needs to target an event that they are well aware of to write an excellent blog.

How to start event blogging?

One needs to be passionate about event blogging and not just focus on the money side. Being passionate about blogging will encourage you to write about events that you are interested in. The good thing about blogging is that there are endless things to talk about, and one isn’t restricted to one specific thing to talk about. You need to select the perfect domain name and the right platform to post your content.

What is event blogging or event niche blogs?

An event niche blog, as the name suggests, is a type of blog that targets a particular event which either occurs in one day or a few days by writing on a specific topic. One can earn a considerable amount of money within this short amount of time—people who are into this business target a particular, for instance, Valentine’s.

Many people go to google and other search engines to find out on wishes and gifts to give to their significant other. With a good internet connection, the event blogger can come up with a blog on any topic concerning Valentine’s Day.

The blogger has to do a search engine optimization to rank their website at the top of the search engine. Event bloggers whose blog is on the first page tend to get more traffic as many people tend to click on these blogs.

For one’s blog to be on the first page, they need to have a good and appropriate keyword. The keyword will enable them to get a huge amount of traffic in one day hence earn a great amount of money.

How to choose an event?

You should always choose an event that you are well versed in. It is advisable to pick an event that is searched by many people. One can decide to pick on holidays such as Christmas and New Year; they can also picking sporting events or new launches. There are very many event options one can pick from, but they need to know that they should pick an event that is 30 to 40 days from the day they are in.

How much can you earn from event blogging?

Event blogging enables the writer to earn a good amount of money within a short amount of time, and chances are they didn’t require too much effort, maintenance, or site-building cost. The best event bloggers state they earn a one-year income in just a few days.

  • Google Adsense (Recommended)
  • Infolinks
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Chitika Ad Network
  • CPA and CPI

How to find keywords for event blogging?

Finding the right keyword is one of the things that would determine whether or not your blog will be on the first page and thus get significant traffic. One has to do due diligence when searching for a keyword that has the potential of getting your article traffic. For those not aware of what a keyword means in the event blogging context, it is the main word that is mostly searched when people are searching for that event.

Google Keyword Planner has proven useful to event bloggers when searching for the perfect keyword for a particular event. This tool provides you with many keywords that have been searched and are likely to have less competition. All you are required to do is to pick one that you like.

7 Free Keyword Research Tools

Purchase a domain & hosting

After selecting your event, you need to pick a good domain that is pertinent to the event that you are writing about. The domain name needs to have the keyword incorporated into it to increase the chances of people clicking onto your content. Always remember to purchase a domain with a .com or .net extension when writing on an international event.

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How to write SEO-friendly quality content?

SEO-friendly quality content needs to have the primary keyword that has been placed strategically in a long but good article. To be ranked, the content needs to be posted 30-40 days before the real event in Google and other search engines.

The event article’s keywords could include images, wishes, and quotes relating to the event written. A short blog should have at least 35 articles, while articles with more than 1000 words should have a maximum of 15 articles.

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When creating a good quality backlink, one needs to search for auto-approved and do-follow blogs. Comments on blogs increase the probability of your blog getting massive traffic. Backlinks can be made daily. Event bloggers are usually advised to start the process of creating good quality backlinks after writing and publishing either five or six posts.

The SEO profiler website is very useful when creating backlinks, and all you have to do is to search on the best event blog links. After that, you should pick the backlinks option from the link profiler option. You should only pick a backlink that has LIS green signal for your event blog


The domain should be taken six months before the event starts to post the content by putting readable but spurned content. After that, you should visit the keyword planner and look for the long tail ones. The keyword planner, together with the KWfinder, will help you to collect the long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords have less competition than short-tail keywords hence preferred.

An article can have more than ten long-tail keywords, and all you have to do is distribute these keywords on the report and give them interlinks within the first month. It is essential to avoid overloading your item with the keywords as your article would lose its ranking very fast.


One has to commence by building links as early as the second month of starting. It is advisable to pick links from websites of Low OBL. You should never build so many spammy links; the less, the better as it shows that they are of quality links. Ensure the optimization of anchor texts.

Ten days before the event occurs, you should ensure that you’ve taken site-wide links to be at the top of the rankings. Additionally, it would help if you always exhausted all types of links that never depend on one source. The sources could be the comments, profiles, web 2.0, and forums.


Event blogging requires one to be both smart and hardworking. There is no innate talent needed to succeed in it; all you need is to choose a good event that you passionate about and have sufficient knowledge on. The good thing is that you could search on Google and get accurate information on it.

One needs to be consistent and post different contents of varying lengths at least once per day. Building your portfolio requires one to focus on one distribution channel. You also need to engage with your consumers by reading the comments, as this will improve your skill.

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