20 The Best Online Coding Courses in 2021

Best Online Coding Courses

Computer programming allows building executable computer programs. There are several computer languages you can use to create programs that a computer can follow to execute certain commands to achieve specific computing results. It is essential to research around and locate the best program that can assure you the best learning experience. To apply any computer language it is essential to understand how it works. Things have been made easy for you nowadays. 

There are several courses available online. You can enroll and get to learn several computer programming lessons. Several online platforms allow you to learn the programming languages. Take time to compare the several online platforms available from where you can decide on a given platform.

Best Online Courses to learn Coding Basics 2020

1. Introduction to Computer Programming Course

It is an introductory course that will introduce you to the basics of computer programming. The knowledge you will get out of the course will play a great role in helping you create websites and apps. It is also effective in equipping you with the basic knowledge you can apply in areas such as data science, machine learning, AI, among other courses. After successful completion of the course, you will achieve great results in applying programming codes such as CVSS, HTML, and Python.

2. HTML, CSS, JavaScript Codes from W3school

The platform allows you to understand how code snippets for CSS, HTML, and JavaScript work. You need to enroll in the course, and you will get the opportunity to learn online. Several people have tried the course, and in most cases, they have been able to master several tips in computer programming. The fact that the course is available online makes it easy for you to learn at your own pace. It is a highly reliable program you can enroll in to understand how snippets work.

3. Python Programming Certification Course

You will get to learn the concepts from scratch. Even first time users of the course can count on it, and it works perfectly for them to realize great results. The course will help you master necessary python programming concepts. There are several concepts in programming you will get to learn, such as data operations, object-oriented programming, and file operations, among others. After completing the course, you will get a full understanding of the python programming language. It is a course that is available conveniently online. Anytime you feel like you should apply it, it will be easy for you to get started.

4. Advanced Java Certification Training

It is a course that is design web for people who are ready for self-directed training. It allows participants to begin learning at their own convenience. There are several review exercises you can follow to understand the course easily. It is a course that has been developed in such a way it makes it easy for you to learn. You can easily follow it, and it will work perfectly to allow you to get the necessary certification in Java programming. The use of videos and learning materials available in the text makes it easy to master the course. You can count on it to quickly learn at your convenience.

5. Front End Web Developer Course

It is a course that aims at offering you the necessary tips and tricks you can apply to create a website. Apart from creating websites, it is also highly effective in allowing you to create web applications. Use of CSS, CSS GRID, and Flexbox becomes easy after going over the course. It is a highly reliable course that has been created to make it easy for everyday website building and automation. People nowadays require interactive websites. The course provides the right resources to allow learners to master it easily.

6. Android Developer Course from Udacity

It is a course where you will get to access theory and practice that will make you competent in Android development. Several apps are based on android. In the course, you will get to learn the best practices in mobile app development. There are several apps you may have seen attracting a lot of people. The course will equip you with the right skills you can apply to create useful apps that adhere to all android app development best practices. Step by step guides makes it easy to understand the hard task.

7. Digital Marketing Certification Courses

Marketing is necessary for all business practices. You can get a course online from Edureka to allow you to get the right concepts you can apply during marketing. Several aspects have been tackled in the course that makes it easy to achieve the best results in your daily marketing. The course will help you master skills such as keyword planning, social media marketing, and SEO. Many people who are after growing their careers in the digital marketing scene find the course very attractive. It is carefully designed to make it easy for learners to realize the best experience.

8. iOS App Development Certification Training

The course aims at making you become an expert in iOS app development. You will get to master concepts such as swift, networking, and iCloud development, among others. You will get to master industry based use-cases. There are several concepts you need to master in the app development. The course touches on the different fields of app development as a way of making it easy for you to master the process of creating apps based on iOS. You have the freedom to learn from your home, making the course very convenient. 

9. AWS Architect Certification Training

It is a course that is curated by industry professionals. You can follow the course, and it will help you meet the industry requirements and demands when it comes to dealing with AWS. Upon completion of the course, you will easily prepare for the AWS certified solutions exam. Several concepts are clearly tackled in the course. You can follow it, and it will make it easy to master several concepts in the field of AWS Architect certification.

10. C# Programming Course from W3school

The programming language is also referred to as C-Sharp. Microsoft developed it, and it runs on .NET Framework. You can use the language to develop web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, and games. If you would like to get a clear understanding of the course, then you can enroll online and get to learn from experts. It is well thought out to make the whole learning process easy. Several students are signed up, which makes the learning experience attractive. You can get the course, and it will work well to assure you great success in your learning process.

11. PHP & MySQL with MVC Frameworks Certification

It is among the best online coding courses you can enroll. You will get to become a certified PHP and MySQL professional. After completion of the course, you will have got all it requires to create web applications based on PHP & MySQL easily. There are several concepts you need to apply when trying to create web-based solutions. The program will let you interact with experts online where you will get to learn. After each chapter, there are exams and tests to make you master the concept well so that you can find it easy to apply in the real world.

12. Ruby with Cucumber Certification Training

It is an online self-learning course where you will get to be introduced to exercises to make you know how the programming language works. The online coding courses will come complete with assignments so that you can know how it works. Several learning activities in the course will make you master different concepts used in ruby and cucumber. Structured training and the review exercises will make it easy for you to master the course. It creates a convenient way for you to learn.

13. Bootstrap course free Course from W3school

It is a free course you can enroll anytime and start learning. You will get to know how the Framework works when working in CVSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It is easy to apply for the free course and master the right skills you can apply to develop responsive websites. The course is also helpful in making you create mobile-first websites. The easy to use the design of the website makes it easy to achieve the best results. You can count on the free to access platform to develop your skills more.

14. Machine learning Course

In machine learning, you will make the computer learn from studying data from where it will make decisions. There are several things you need to learn, and the course makes it easy for you. It is among the best online coding courses where you will get to analyze data and create programs that will predict the outcome. The concepts are widely applied in areas such as artificial intelligence to make quick decisions.

15. Blockchain Certification Courses

The use of Blockchain has gained popularity in the recent past due to several features. The course is designed to introduce you to the concepts of Blockchain and how the platform works. There are also other associated concepts such as Bitcoin, Hyperledger, Ethereum, and Multichain. You will get an overview of the course so that you can easily understand what happens in Blockchain.

16. CyberSecurity Certification Course

You need to be aware of CyberSecurity and look for ways you can make your systems secure. The course has been developed in such a way it will make it easy for you to realize the best results as you deal with cybersecurity. There are several concepts related to cybersecurity you need to understand. The course will offer you the right introduction to such concepts so that you can make the right decisions. Cloud security, data, and endpoint, application security, cyber-attacks, among other ideas, are studied in the course.

17. Introduction to Marketing Course from edx.org

In the course, you will learn to develop a basic customer segmentation system. You will get to understand psychology and consumer decision making so that you can plan your marketing well. Pricing strategies should aim at maximizing profits. There are several things you will get to learn from the course, such as marketing metrics and the benefits your business can get from marketing. It is an easy to follow but highly reliable course.

18. Linux Fundamentals Certification Training

It is among online coding courses you can Enroll. In the course, you will get to develop a strong foundation in Linux from scratch. If you have never applied Linux, you can apply for the course, and it will make you learn the platform from scratch. It covers areas such as Linux installations, architecture, packages, file systems, user management, and scripting data, among other commands. There are several concepts you need to learn from the Linux platform; the course makes it easy to master them.

19. Blockchain and Ethereum Certification Training

You will get introduced tot eh concepts of Blockchain and Ethereum. Aspects such as Hyperledger, Bitcoin, Multichain, among others, are well tackled in the course. You need certification in Blockchain and Ethereum so that you can easily apply the technology in the real world. The course makes it easy to get the concepts right. The fact that it is available online makes the whole thing easy to apply. It will be easy to use the course, and it will contribute towards making it easy for you to realize the best results in your everyday learning. 

20. AWS Cloud Architect Course from Udacity

You need to be fully certified so that you can represent your organization as an AWS cloud architect. The course introduces learners to planning, designing, and implementation of secure cloud infrastructure. The scalability of the platform can help your business grow. You will get an introduction to all concepts in the platform so that you can easily apply them in the real world. You will get to come up with strategies and execute them after you use for the course.

3 Best Websites to Learn Coding 2020

1: Edureka.co 

It is the best site where you can learn coding. There are classes in different coding programs. You will be free to choose your preferred class and learn. Experts are readily available to offer the necessary assistance you may like online. The classes are available online anytime you may like to follow. The fact that you can learn coding at your own pace makes the online platform preferred by many learners. It works for learners at different levels.

2: udacity

The online coding learning platform allows you to get the skills necessary to tackle different tasks in coding. Learners get to practice different coding skills they learn online. Practitioner skills and job-focused content makes the whole learning process easy. The site allows you to interact with real human help in case you are stuck. Personalized code reviews and real-life projects make the site preferred by programmers at all levels who are after improving their skills.

3: w3schools

It is a website where you will get to learn all website building languages. You will get to learn basic to advanced HTML, JavaScript, SQL, Python among other programming languages. The site has been built in such a way it makes things easy. You can sign up and start learning at your own pace. Several students are signed up and praise the experience. The lessons are arranged in such a way you will find it easy to learn.

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