What are the Top 10 questions to ask an interviewer

During an interview, it is essential to respond effectively to the questions being asked to you by the employer. Furthermore, since these questions are common, the interviewer will be expecting smooth answers from you without hesitation. There is no need for memorizing the answers; however, it is highly essential to think about your answer to avoid being put on the spot.

what are the top 5 questions to ask an interviewer

When you prepare yourself in advance, then your answers or response will be much stronger. Knowing what to expect during an interview as well is crucial; therefore, you should try and have a sense of what you would like to focus on. In this article, we shall be answering the question; What are the top 5 questions to ask an interviewer?

What do you need to know about asking an interviewer questions?

Before we go through some of the best questions you can ask an interviewer, it vital to understand all the essential aspects involved in asking an interviewer questions. Some of the points include;

How many questions should an interviewer be asked?

When it comes to asking an interviewer questions, you should consider preparing a minimum of four to five questions. Having more than five questions is essential as well; however, having fewer questions can result in a dark path.

What question should you ask?

There are some essential categories you will need to stick to when it comes to asking questions to an interviewer such as;

The job

Understanding the job you are being hired to do is essential. Ensure you know what the job post says; however, you should consider checking if there is anything more about the position that was not mentioned in the post.

This will help you understand what you will be going to do precisely. In addition to that, it is vital to know how long the join will be and how will the job evolves as time progresses.


When it comes to the job, will you be fully prepared to work once you are hired? This is a question worth answering. Furthermore, it is vital to understand if there be is anything else you would like to know about the job before commencing on the job. Consider asking if there will be any classes or specialised training involved once you are hired.

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The way you do your job is vital as well as the way you perform it will be of the essence to your employee. The best ways you can meet your employer’s goal understand what they are expecting from you.

Consider asking them what they expect from you once you are hired in that position. It is vital to know how they assess their employee’s performance and if there are any reviews involved?


Understanding the company, you will be working for is vital. It is crucial to have a general knowledge of the company. You can check for the information as you do your fact-finding as well as the research phase of your job hunt.

However, you should note there are things that you cannot come across during your research, and you have to get it from someone on the inside, and the hiring manager is considered as the best resource.

It would help if you always kept in mind that no job is the last job; this means that you will always be on the hunt for your next step in your career. Therefore, you should consider asking if the job will be of great assistance in your next step in attaining your career goal.

Top 10 Questions to ask an interviewer

Some of the problem to ask interviewer include;

Top 10 Questions to ask an interviewer

1. What is expected from me once I am hired for this position?

This question is vital since it aids in ensuring you understand what you should do and what is expected of you once you are hired. It is one of the most significant ways to ensure that there are no nasty surprises that are waiting for you once you get started.

By having your job explicitly explained to you will help you understand what you are signing up for; furthermore, it will help you decide whether you will be willing or able to perform the assigned position.

2. Can you take me through a normal day at the company?

When you have a typical day laid out for you is a vital way of getting a quick overview of the company and what is expected from you in addition to your job post. For instance, a company might require you to participate in a group physical activity as you plan to commence on your day.

If you fail to ask this question, you will be utterly unprepared for what to expect on your first day, and you will not be unable to participate. This is definitely not a great way to commence working on your new job.

3. If I get hired for this post, will I be going through any training before commencing on the work?

This is a vital question that is worth asking an interviewer, especially when you are concerned about your availability on running the job. When you undergo proper training, as an employee, you can be brought up to the speed of the company.

This means that with no training involved, you will not be sure on what to expect on your first day. You should consider asking for clarification, especially if you do not have any knowledge about the job.

4. How will the training be conducted?

Always ensure you into the job with your eyes wide open and to achieve this, you will need to ask the question; how will the training be conducted? The training process could be as simple as reading a brochure or watching a video; nevertheless, it could be more thorough and very in-depth. The main point is to understand it better before going for it.

5. What is the performance expectation for this post? Will the expectation change the more I do the job?

This question features two parts; however, knowledge is power and the more you have, the better you will be. Always ensure you and the employer establish on the expectation and performance early and not just for the immediate future.

When planning to stick to the job for an extended period, ensure that you understand what the employer wants and if you will have to change as time progresses.

6. Do you have an employee performance review process? After how long or how often does the process occur, and can you take me through the process?

Just like the previous question, this question features two parts as well; you should note that this information is very critical. This question is vital, especially when the answer has a significant impact on your ability to advance on your career or position in the company.

7. Where do you see the company in the next five or ten years?

This is a vital question one needs to ask since it gives you a sense of how stable the job will be as well as the position you will take can be your long term career goal.

Always avoid taking a job that will not be of any benefit to you in the long run as well as a position that will not help you advance into the next step in a career path. It is highly essential to find out where the country is heading since it will aid you in planning your trajectory accordingly.

8. What are the career paths for an individual in this department, and what advancement should I work towards?

If you are looking to understand the mobility of a company better, then you should consider asking this type of question. As previously mentioned, always go for a job that will help you advance on your career as well as your position in the company. You should avoid taking a dead-end job with zero hope of ever-growing or moving forward.

9. Will I be working individually or with a team? Can you tell me about each of the team members if I will be working with a group?

Always consider asking this question; it is vital. The last thing you would like to do is getting stuck with a group of individuals who you cannot withstand. By finding out early about them if you will be working with a team will be very helpful.

You should consider finding out if you will be working with an excellent team or an offensive team; this will help your decision-making process much more comfortable.

10. Can you please tell me about the direct supervisor? Is there an essential aspect that I need to know when working with them?

This is a question that will make your integration a much smoother process. Being a two-part question, it shows how serious you are when it comes to the job position. Furthermore, it is an excellent way of understanding about the supervisor.

Just like the rest of the individuals, you will be working with; if the supervisor is not a good match for you, then this job post might not be perfect for you.

Final verdict

As we conclude this article, we hope that it has been if great assistance when it comes to What are the top 10 questions to ask an interviewer. You might consider giving some of the above-mentioned tips a try.

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