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Trump Adviser Resigns over ‘Unacceptable’ Tweets

Donald Trump’s senior adviser, Dan Scavino, has just resigned due to controversial tweets he made that were deemed “unacceptable” by the president. This resignation marks an unprecedented event in the history of White House staffers and brings to light a new way for politicians to face criticism from their peers and constituents.

As one of Trump’s most loyal advisers, Scavino was responsible for many of his major policy decisions. He served as both a campaign manager during the 2016 election season and later became assistant to the President and director of social media at the White House

U.S. Ends Temporary Protected Status for Haitians

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently announced the termination of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for over 59,000 Haitians living in the United States since 2010 following a devastating earthquake in their home country. This decision has caused much distress among many Haitian Americans who have been living peacefully and contributing to American society for years. It has also stirred up heated debates regarding immigration policies and its implications on national security, economic growth, and human rights issues. Supporters of the termination argue that it is necessary to protect both American citizens and those who seek refuge in the U.S., while opponents

Apple to Launch New iPhone Model Next Week

This week, Apple is set to launch its newest iPhone model in an event open to the public. This highly anticipated release has been rumoured for several months and will likely be one of the most popular releases yet from this iconic tech giant. The new device is expected to feature improved design, camera capabilities and potentially a new operating system as well. As always, Apple has kept its cards close to their chest and have not revealed any details about the upcoming phone but rumours are swirling with anticipation of what’s coming next week. For those interested in getting their hands on the latest must-

China Imposes Sanctions on U.S. Companies Over Arms Sales

The recent news of China imposing sanctions on U.S. companies for selling arms to Taiwan has caused a stir both in the international community and within the United States itself. The Chinese government has called this move an “appropriate response” to President Donald Trump’s decision to approve $1.8 billion worth of weapons sales to its democratic neighbor, Taiwan, which Beijing regards as part of its own territory. This unilateral action by China is seen as a direct challenge to Washington’s foreign policy stance towards Asia-Pacific region and adds further tension between two countries at loggerheads over trade

NASA Discovers Evidence of Water on Mars


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