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Welcome to Mills, Wyoming! Our small town offers a peaceful living environment and access to plenty of outdoor activities. Here you can find remote job opportunities in various industries such as information technology, customer service, finance/accounting, marketing and more. We invite you to explore the possibilities for employment that are available in our area so that you can take advantage of the work-life balance found here. With our proximity to nearby cities and abundance of natural resources, Mills is an ideal location for those seeking a fulfilling career without sacrificing quality of life.


New Technology revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

has been in the works for decades. With recent advances in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and 3D Printing, healthcare is being transformed into a more efficient and cost-effective industry. From medical diagnoses to personalized treatments to remote patient monitoring, these new technologies are revolutionizing how healthcare services are delivered and experienced by patients. By embracing emerging technology solutions such as machine learning algorithms and IoT devices, healthcare providers can empower their teams with tools that make diagnosis faster and more accurate while giving them access to real-time data on their patients’ health status. This allows them to provide better care at lower costs while

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Solve challenging problems with innovative solutions

is what I strive for in my professional life. With a Bachelor’s Degree
in Computer Science and over 10 years of experience, I have knowledge
and expertise on the development process from start to finish. My attention to detail ensures that projects are completed accurately and efficiently. I am an excellent communicator who works well with all levels of personnel both internally and externally. Additionally, my problem-solving skills enable me to identify potential issues before they arise and develop solutions quickly when needed. Through my work ethic, dedication, and commitment to quality results, I am confident that I can be

Make an Impact in Your Community

Do you ever feel like you want to make a difference in the world, but don’t know how? Making an impact within your own community is one way that you can have a meaningful and lasting effect on the people around you. Whether it be through volunteering or simply being kind to those around you, there are many ways that we can all come together to create positive change in our communities. From working with local charities and organizations, to helping out at school events and fundraisers, there is something for everyone who wants to help make their community a better place. It takes collective effort


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Most folks average $15-20+/hour on the platform

Very! You choose when to work, how much to work, and which projects you’d like to work on. Work is available 24/7/365.

If you qualify for our long-running projects and demonstrate high-quality work, there will be virtually unlimited work available to you.

Projects on the platform run the gamut: from survey-style work, to interacting with chatbots, to creative writing tasks, and much more! Additionally, some of our core projects allow you to take advantage of your areas of expertise or subjects that you are passionate about.

While no specific background experience is necessary, we’re seeking individuals who have excellent writing and critical reasoning abilities, and are detail-oriented, creative, and self-motivated.

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